Monday, December 24, 2012

Makeover Monday: "Table Number That 'Fit In'"

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Table numbers aren't always necessary, but they are a good way to organize your guests and encourage conversation. These numbers need to be easily seen, but not stick out like a sore thumb. There is a way to create a nice blend between the look of your wedding and the large, legible number standing on your table.

One way to do this is to pick a fun object you may already have, or be able to get from family and friends. With items like clocks, you can turn the hands to the time that correlates with the number of the table. You can simply write the table number on the face of a small vanity mirror, or old china or plates  on a stand can showcase the table number in a lovely way. Remember that part of the character and charm of these types of items is that they can all be different from one another.

Table numbers that serve double duty are another good way to guide your guests without taking up extra space on the table. If you are planning on having a pitcher, or bottles, of water or a special beverage on the table, it can be used to display the table number, both pointing out the table and the beverage to the guest. Also any floral arrangements you may have are usually going to be in vases or some sort of container. If you can see the vase well enough, using it as a base for the table number is an easy way for the guests to spot the correct table.

If you have plenty of room on the table, just have fun with it. A crafty wedding could use stitched table numbers, a vintage wedding could use books, and a quirky wedding could have scrabble tiles. It's important to keep your numbers functional and easily seen, but don't underestimate the power of a cohesive and visually pleasing design to the eye of  your guests.


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