Thursday, December 27, 2012

Etiquette Question: Bridal Party Gifts

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To give is better than to receive...

So you’ve chosen your ladies, your favorite people who will stand up with you while you marry the man of your dreams! It’s pretty important! It’s also important to get them something to thank them for buying a dress, throwing showers, a bachelorette, traveling, etc. There aren’t any set rules as to how much or what you have to give them, but here are some guidelines to help you figure out the the details. 

How much? I think it’s fair to have the presents make sense within your budget. If you have a very small budget then the presents should be less expensive, whereas on the flip side if you are have a massive, high budget wedding I think the gifts should most definitely worked into the total cost of your wedding. I also think you need to take into account the amount your girls are spending on your wedding! If there is traveling and a very pricey dress involved you want the gift to reflect that. 

When to buy? The earlier the better! That gives you time to shop around and figure out what you want, order it, and have it shipped if necessary. The best part about getting it done early is that you have one less thing to worry about when the wedding madness kicks in. 

Separate gifts? I think it’s great if you can do individual gifts that are all comparable in cost, but it’s also a lot easier to just find a great gift to get all your girls. It’s appropriate to spend more on the Maid/Matron of Honor, it’s also appropriate to spend less on you junior bridesmaids. 

When to give? It’s traditional to hand out gifts at the rehearsal dinner, but I also like doing it at the bridal luncheon or while you’re all getting ready the day of! If you spent more on the Maid/Matron of Honor I think it’s special to pull her aside and give it to her privately. 

What to give? There aren’t any rules, but with sites like Etsy there is an unending supply of cool options! Jewelry, personalized everything, vintage knick-knacks,etc. It’s great if the gift reflects something about you or your wedding. The real test is do you think it’s ah-mazing!?! If you love it, your girls are going to love it.  


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  1. Great tips for buying bridal gifts.