Monday, December 3, 2012

Makeover Monday: Make it your own-"Favorable Favors"

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Wedding favors are an extension of your special day, and should receive just as much attention as the place settings or centerpieces. This is how you show your guests how much you appreciate them being a part of your celebration. Guests can tell how much attention you pay to your favors and many will see that as a reflection of how much attention you paid to them. Don't mistake attention for money. Taking time to make your favors special does not mean you have to spend more money, in fact, a lot of times it will mean you spend less.

I'm a big fan of edible or reusable favors. Food is always a good way to go and using family recipes is a great way to make it personal. Homemade jam, popcorn, cookies, etc...are just a few food choices you can make at home. You can also choose recipes or foods from the wedding location or your hometown. Feel free to mix up the treats you choose, because not everyone likes the same things. Giving them a choice in favor let's them know you were thinking of each of them personally. Using glass jars with a fun fabric or printed labels can enhance the look of jams and honey, but mostly let's the favor stand out on its own. You can also wrap mixes and other such items in special fabrics or papers with your names and the date printed on directly on them.

If you choose to keep the favors in one place rather than at each place setting, arranging the favors in a way that is fitting with your theme can make them even more appealing to guests. Using barrels, special shelving, crates, etc...will draw the guests to the display.  Remember, it's not just about what you choose, but how you present it that shows how much thought you put into your favors. So, when making your plans and deciding on your decor, don't forget about the favors. Remember, when it comes to your favors, it's not about the money or how glamorous they look, what's important is that you make it special and unique for your guests and a memorable extension of your wedding day.

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