Thursday, December 20, 2012

Etiquette Question: Cash Vs. Paid Bar

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This is a long debated issue when it comes to weddings and it has a simple answer. Never ever under any circumstances do you want to do a cash bar!! Inviting your guests to come to you wedding and then making them pay for their drinks is just not the ideal scenario. I understand that sometimes it’s a budget issue, but rather than having a cash bar find a way to cut your alcohol costs. Here are a few of my tips for making the budget go farther!!! 

Leave out the Liquor. Consider serving only beer and wine. You can also have one signature cocktail so that those who want liquor have an option. This can cut costs without having your guests pay for their drinks. 

BYOB. If allowed by your vendor to bring in outside alcohol, purchase your booze from a wholesale provider to save lots of money while still providing a full bar! Keep in mind you are still going to have to pay for a one or two people to work the bar. 

Cheers. Think about not doing a champagne toast. Most people cheers with whatever drink they have in their hand, so save some dough! 

Rearrange the budget. Find the money elsewhere in your budget. If your guests are anything like mine, they would rather an open bar than favors. 



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