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Future Savannah Wedding: Destinee and Eric

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Destinee Disher and Eric Swanson

Date Engaged
September 9, 2012

Where did you meet?
We met the Fall of 2004 at the University of Florida, in Chemistry Lab 101. We were little eighteen year old freshman who just thought each other were really cute. We dated briefly but it soon ended as he thought I was too serious for him (little did he know haha). We remained friends throughout college and the in the Fall of 2006, Eric came to a fundraiser my honor society was hosting. He pulled me aside and said that he had come here for me, that he wanted to be with me, and would I give him another shot. A few months later, I gave him that second shot, and as they say, the rest is history.

How did he propose?

Eric and I love to travel, and I always try and plan a trip around his birthday. This year we had planned a trip to New Orleans. We had an amazing weekend thus far, and it was Sunday, and that means football. I dawned a teal dress with black accessories, and geared up to spend the day watching the Jaguars.  We were on our way to a restaurant to watch the game, and we walked through Jackson Square on the way. I was hot and sweaty, and in no mood to be taking breaks unless it was to get  a beer or sit in the shade for a minute.  He asked to sit down on a bench inside the square, and needless to say I was not excited about the unexpected stop. And then he said “Screw it, I was going to buy the ring next week, and I had all these great plans on how to propose, but I just don’t want to wait any longer.” He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I told him I would have to think about it, because if you know me, of course I had to say that, and then of course, said YES! We later went to the French Market and bought a beautifully tacky $10 ring to commemorate the moment.

When is your wedding date?
October 26, 2013

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?
We have always had really great memories of Savannah. We have spent some time here with friends for St. Patrick’s Day, and we spent a romantic weekend for Eric’s birthday a couple of years ago. Still one of my favorite memories is being at a romantic dinner at the Old Pink House and Eric setting the bread basket on fire from the candle on the table. Our waiter had to rush to throw the basket outside the front door before we burnt down the place.

We have always loved the romantic, historic feel, and the fact that you can walk everywhere (and open container law is nice as well). We knew we wanted a destination wedding, and we have a lot of friends and family in Atlanta, as well as Jacksonville, FL, and wanted to find a middle ground. Savannah was perfect, and knowing we loved the city already, sealed the deal for us.

Where do you reside now?
Atlanta, GA

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day?
We are really trying to make it a fun weekend to spend with all of our closest friends and family. And really trying to make it very personal.

It isn’t quite the wedding day, but my favorite holiday is Halloween. I’ve always loved coming up with great creative costumes and Eric’s sweet enough to go along for the ride. We have been Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth, we have been an Amish couple, we were Border Patrol and a Mexican, etc. Because of my love for the holiday, and the date of our wedding, we will be having a Halloween party with all of our wedding guests for the rehearsal dinner. Think zombie bridal party, and the most hideous wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses I could find.

On the actual wedding day, the reception site actually shoots a live cannon after the ceremony. I will also have one of my best friends, Josh, be a “brides-man”, and Eric’s sister will actually be one of his “grooms-woman”, and they will both stand of the opposite side of where one may expect. We are also trying to come up with different activities to do at the reception and since we love games, we have come up with life-size jenga, cornhole, etc. One more thing is Eric’s Dad is actually being ordained so that he can perform our ceremony.  A lot of the interesting things we are doing we are trying to keep a secret for our wedding guests :)

We just adore you two and all the fun plans in place thus far. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the planning will bring and more importantly, getting to share in the most important day in your lives.
The MGE Team 

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  1. Sweet, beautiful and exciting. You are such a lovely, perfect, God meant couple!