Monday, August 31, 2009

How to look super adorable while getting ready for your special moment!

So first, let me apologize for being a total slacker...I know you all live for Fashion Fridays, seriously, your world revolves around it, but I found a new loser young adult vampire-ish novel series and I seriously have been reading the first two books like it’s my loser, no excuse. It’s amazing I was able to find a man who loves me in all my super nerd-dom...I digress. So I loved my pre-wedding outfit, I was comfy and girly and I didn’t have to worry about looking disheveled in photos, but instead I actually looked super cute! Plus, when else will you have the opportunity to wear things that have bride written on them in sparkly rhinestones and not look like a dummy.

gettin' ready.001 So I think the goal is to find a super cute, white hoodie and lounge pants combo. Pink or any sweet color is appropriate. I found my terry outfit at Old Navy for 30$, but there are so many options out there. Victoria’s Secret has the cutest choices, including a cashmere sweater and cashmere lounge pants, plus cute terry options at great prices. If you are looking for some more sporty options, check out Stella McCartney for Adidas this stuff is freaking adorable!!! I can’t even tell you and well I can’t show you either...because I can’t get pictures...but trust me if it’s available in your area it is worth a looking at, but I will warn’s crazy expensive...but it’s your wedding, splurging is totally acceptable. If a 300 dollar yoga outfit isn’t up your deal, check out American Apparel for stylish separates are stellar prices. 

gettin' ready.002  You also can look for sweet, comfy dresses, I love this one from Victoria’s Secret it’s fleece and has a huge neck hole so you can easily get it off without messing up your hair and makeup. I also found the cutest skirt/dress from Athleta, it’s 30 dollars and has wonderful re-wearing possibilities for the beach on the honeymoon or just chillaxin around the house. Also, never forget to check out Forever 21’s Fabulous Finds! They aren’t the pinnacle of craftsmanship, but they are cute and CHEAP! Also, a nice maxi dress would be a great options since you can step out of it instead of pulling it over your head.

gettin' ready.003Now, to the stuff that’s super fun, that  is truly wear once kinda I know I seem like a walking Victoria’s Secret ad, but their Sexy Little Things diamante Bride tank top, is the cutest thing ever and I loooove the little blue bow on the back! I still rock mine around the house ;) You can make your own personalized shirts on websites like Cafe Press, CustomInk, or my fave! I have made some of the cutest tee’s on that website! Seriously. It could also save you some serious cash, because most companies print the word Bride on a shirt and charge you 20 more dollars. Although, the Bridal Diva Boutique has some super cute options, like their happily ever after robe and at $70 it is totally worth it! They are stocked with tees, tanks, and thongs...all a growing bride needs for a fabulous wedding day.

Now, you could wear whatever the heck you want before your wedding, pj’s or a super chic outfit, but in my opinion you want to be super comfy and stinking cute...come on you are going to be wearing a wedding dress, however comfortable, for the next 6-10 hours, treat yourself to some comfy sweats or a cute and easy dress.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and enjoy the comfy hours before the big party...because trust me, that dress is gonna get heavy!!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best of Wedding Day Beauty- Part 2

Okay, I am back some more of my favorite products, today we will be focusing on the body!! I love all of these products and with the exception of one, they are all drugstore buys under 10 dollars. Now, I can’t say it enough, PPPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE, please don’t try any of these products on a whim moments before your walk down the aisle...what if the self tanner doesn’t work for you? what if you are terribly allergic to shave cream??? just don’t do it...try these products at least a month before your big day!!!

best of body products.001 Body: Part 2

Best Body Lotion: Eucerin Everyday Protection with SPF 15 rocks my socks. I use this stuff everyday! It absorbs quickly and is light, never greasy. I love that it gives you sun protection for the normal day out. It’s awesome, you don’t even have to think about adding separate sun care, you moisturize and you are set for the day. It’s full of antioxidants and vitamin e so that you feel like you are doing good things for your body. Please don’t think that this is enough protection if you are say going to the beach or playing out in the sun, you need the up the SPF to at least 30...I use 100. Perhaps it’s overkill, but rather safe than sorry.

Best Body Wash: Eucerin has it again. I loooooove their Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil!!!! Not only does it cleanse, your skin is soft and hydrated after using this awesome oil. You never feel greasy only pleasantly moisturized. Like most of Eucerin’s products it is fragrance and soap-free, my super sensitive skin loves it. Followed with my favorite lotion, I am a sexy and smooth.

Best Body Scrub: Origin’s Incredible Spreadable Scrub is seriously amazing! I love the ginger one it smells like heaven and smoothes your dry or dull skin into a glowing masterpiece. The scrub uses both white and brown sugar, dead sea salts, and olive oil. The scent isn’t super strong, just enough to give you a hint of warm and sweet ginger. This stuff rocks and at 26 bucks it will last you a while, a little goes a long way. WARNING: Do not use on freshly shaved skin, OUCH!!!! And also, never use an oily scrub before applying self tanner, the tanner won’t adhere to your skin properly and I promise you, it will look a hot mess.

Best Shave Cream: Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave for Dry Skin. This fabulous product is infused with olive butter and soy. Unlike most shave gels/creams, this product doesn’t lather, but remains a thick foam. It really does make every shave a bit more luxurious and the sweet scent is mild and really fresh. I love how soft it makes my legs feel and at around 6 bucks I am all for it!

Best at home Self Tanner: Okay, I have to admit that self-tanner freaks me out a bit. I hate the idea of it, but I also hate skin cancer much more, so if we must, Jergen’s natural glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer does the trick nicely. The foam goes on easily and gives a fantastic natural glow in just a few days. I like it because it dries faster than most self tanners, so no standing naked in front of the fan for 30 minutes. I use the Fair to Medium shade, which works well with my pale olive complexion, I am such a fake Italian. Like any self tanner, be careful around your knees, elbows, and ankles, you don’t want funky brown knee caps, not a good look. Also, make sure to wash your hands really well or even wear gloves while applying as to not stain your hands. After washing my hands, I like to use the left over foam in the spout on the back of my hands rubbing them together, to avoid getting in between my fingers.

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s all about your guests! Part 3-Receptions with manners and surprises for all!

So the spoiling and thoughtfulness shouldn't stop with your ceremony…you need to continue the kindness throughout the weekend and here are some tips for the reception!

Positano and wedding 304

Bar-(This is probably my #1 pet peeve)Your guests have spent a great amount of money and time coming to share in your day. I cannot stress enough how important your bar options are. DO NOT HAVE A CASH BAR BY ANY MEANS! This is tacky and unacceptable. If you cannot afford to have a full and open bar, opt for:

1. Beer and wine only

2. A signature drink or two for the entire reception along with non-alcoholic options

3. Offer a full bar for a limited number of hours and then switch to beer and wine

4. House brand liquors instead of the best of the best!

photobooth weddingHanger wedding  Pictures-If you have your photographer for a majority of the night, as him/her to go around to each table and offer to take a picture of their party. Photographers can only take so many pictures of people dancing, why not offer their services to give your guests a keepsake of your wedding for them!? They can have the option of buying the photo off of the photographers website, or you can send it with your “THANK YOU NOTE” after the wedding. These days a photobooth happens to be a fun and great alternative to this.

Personalized Attention-You must be a great host and take some time to personality thank each and every guest at your wedding. It takes all of 20 seconds to greet, thank and hug those people that love and care about you. If you have too many guests to make it around each table, when the toasts are happening, take the microphone and thank your guests along with all those important people that helped you through the planning and the day itself. After all, you

favor sarah Goodbye Gift/Favors- Favors are traditionally your thank you to your guests for coming. My rule of thumb: Give your guests something they can use or eat or be remembered by. No one wants a silver picture frame that only fits their passport photo. Seriously, they just get left or thrown away. Give something to them that is indicative of the area ( I did a great post on this a while back-find it under “Details”) For my own wedding, I gave wine charms of the areas attractions and had cigars for everyone to smoke or take with them. I go to my family and friends houses and I still see them using the wine charms. Make a donation in their name for a just cause…but be sure you can give them something to recognize this thoughtful deed. For example: The rubber bracelets with the cause on them like the Lance Armstrong bracelets, a pin, etc. Go the extra mile and have something your guests can take as they leave such as an evening treat to fill their tummies before bed, a morning tea, scone and aspirin, or a hangover kit! (see my blogpost on this under “Details” as well) When guests receive something from you that has thought behind it, it means so much more.

Personalized Note – If you are having assigned seating, take the time to write a personalized note with their seating card or on the back of their menu card for them to read when they go to sit down at their seat. Yes it might take a few extra minutes when you are planning your wedding, but this will leave an everlasting impression and convey your gratitude to your guests for their participation and travels.

Transportation – After a long day trolleys bethesdaof festivities and drinking, guests will need to get back to their hotels. If you have the means, employ the trolley to take guests back. This option has room for more guests and a number of trips throughout the night. It is probably the most cost effective option as well. If you aren't able to pay for this option, then have your wedding coordinator arrange to have cabs or Pedicabs waiting out front to take guests where they need to go at their leisure and expense. The last thing you want your guests to have to worry about is drinking and driving, or getting lost trying to maneuver their way back.

20090801-356 Activities Timeline-There is nothing worse than having to wait on the star of the show (you) for longer than an hour after the ceremony to start the party.  If you are choosing to take pictures after the  ceremony while they head onto the reception site, be sure to provide a cocktail hour for them with munchies and drinks. This will occupy their time and allow you the time to take your pictures without worry over your guests. The next thing to take into account is your timeline of activities. This would be your first dance, father/daughter dance, toasts, garter tosses, cake cutting and so forth. It is essential that you time these activities properly to ensure the comfort of your guests and yourself. For instance, if you spread your dances out and your guests are getting on the dance floor and having a good time and you interrupt them to do your mother/son dance, the likeliness of them returning to the floor and picking up where they left off will go down each time they are interrupted. This will also push the guests to leave earlier if they aren’t having fun and just sitting around watching activity after activity. By the time it comes to cut the cake or throw the bouquet, you will probably only have a small handful of guests. Trust me on this one…you will be upset…and take this personally…but put yourself in their shoes. I know it is your night, but no one wants to sit around for hours with nothing to do but wait for your next activity. Think about a wedding you attended that might have been like this.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Best of Wedding Day Beauty-Our Favorite Skin Care Products

Now I have a problem, well it’s not so much a problem as it is an products that is. I see a new one and I must purchase it, it becomes an obsession. Sometimes it is totally worth it, other times it’s a bust, but the fun is in trying it and making your own decisions. So much like our favorite major magazines, I have decided to give you, not an expert opinion, so much as an informed broke fashionistas opinion. The latter is soooooo much more fun. Over the next few weeks, I plan on shedding light on a new group of products so that hopefully you can be so fresh and so clean, clean on your big day.

****Disclaimer: Please dear Lord do not try any new products days or even weeks before your big day!!!! I’m serious, finding out you have a crazy allergic reaction to a product is the pits and rashes are not hot, I****

skincare.001Skin Care:

Best at home Facial Tool: I am digging Neutrogena’s Ageless Restoratives Total Skin Renewal Kit. I’m sure you have seen Jen Garner on the telly telling you that it reverses a year of aging in just one week...well...let’s not get crazy. It does make your face feel as fresh as a babies bottom, it seems to diminish pore size, and really makes skin a fabulous canvas for whatever product you place on it. The product cost $25 and comes with everything you need to get started, plus a months worth of cleansing puffs, I’m sold.

Best Anti-Aging Treatment: Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention rocks. This is a two week system that uses a special concentrated formula using a peptide-B3 complex, whatever the heck it is, works! It comes with 14 tiny capsules that before bed you pop open and spread all over you face. It really hydrates and softens lines. The system runs about 20 bucks and as far as I can tell could replace a night cream, it might add up to use every night, but it would still only run 50 bucks a month, some creams far less effective cost 5 times that...I’ve tried one for 350 dollars and I ended up using it on my stretch marks...on my butt, soooo not worth it.

Best Acne System: The Obagi Cleziderm system is amazing! I’m a believer! I have written about the terror that is my skin and how I have struggled to get it manageable. Well, this system is killer, I use the dry skin formula because acne treatments tend to dry me out like crazy. I am amazed at how this system keeps my skin under control. The only downside is that it runs around $130, but a kit lasts around 4 months.

Best Toner: So this may be one of the most amazing products I have ever purchased, Sonya Dakar’s Aromasol Mist for irritated skin, is the most glorious toner ever. It has no alcohol, so it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils, but does have dead sea minerals that sop up oil and give skin a refreshing glow. This stuff is amazing, a bottle will set you back 30 dollars, but lasts a remarkably long time.

Best Spot Remover: I have found a few that float my boat, but the best by far is Origin’s Spot Remover, a small bottle runs 12 dollars and lasts forever. The main ingredient is, no surprise, 2% Salicylic Acid, but it also uses oregano and clove buds to get things back in order. The only down side is that it peels noticeably when you put makeup over it.

Best Eye Treatment: I’m still working on this one. I just recently started using Shiseido’s The Skincare Eye Moisture Recharge, it plumps my eyes and helps makeup smooth on incredibly easy. I like the consistency and really hope to see results, but I still haven’t decided yet...I’ll let you know...

Best Facial Scrub: By far, Sonya Dakar’s Triple Action Organic facial scrubs are the most amazing products out there. You have a few to choose from based on your skin concern, but I adore both the acne and irritation scrubs, they smell super funky, but your skin glows afterwards. All of Sonya’s products are natural and alcohol free, boasting ingredients such as linipack seeds and green tea extract. The scrubs are non-abrasive and worth every penny...and at 50 bucks, it’s a lot of pennies.

So there are a few of my favorite skin care products, please feel free to ask any questions about products I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t...I’m sure I’ve tried it. Sonya Dakar products can be ordered by email or telephone, you can contact Chrystine Hang at 877-727-6692 ext 230 or . This chick is the bee’s knees, she seriously knows her stuff and it feels like you have your very own skin specialist, plus she gives out samples like it’s her job!

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.


Friday, August 21, 2009

How to dress for your Bridal Shower.

So this is a really just an excuse for me to take a break from wedding dresses, seriously, I dream about wedding dresses. And I have had a shopping bug that just won’t go away, so I figured that I would construct a few outfits for various common shower themes. I know that this is my style which can be...out there for some folks, but trust me, please. Even if you don’t dig the exact style just pay attention to silhouettes and how colors/patterned are mixed. Your shower is yet another day along your journey to the alter that revolves around you, so embrace it. I think that showers are super fun way to dress up, but not take yourself too seriously.

showers.001 Proper Tea: This is the day to find your inner sweetheart. I hate fashion rules and feel that if someone tells me it's frowned upon to wear a short skirt, I find the most ultra-short mini and rock it hard, but sometimes it is super fun to find your inner prude. Look for sweet and demure patterns, to mix with harder pieces to avoid looking like a librarian ;) I choose 4.5 inch heels and a hot double wrap belt to funk up my innocent outfit.  Outfit: Dress, Maggie London;Cardigan, J.Crew;Shoes, Jessica Simpson; Belt, Banana Republic.

showers.002Weekend Brunch: Brunch is my favorite mealtime and I hate that you have to wait until the weekend to eat it, I want eggs benedict and mimosas everyday of the week. This is an event to have a little fun with your outfit. Casual, comfy, cute. Outfit:Jacket, Shirt, Banana Republic; Skirt, Forever21; Shoes, Steve Madden.

showers.003Couples Cocktail Party: I LOVE cocktail parties, sorry didn’t mean to yell, but for serious, I love me a super cute cocktail dress. Love, Love, Love. This Fall cocktail means sequins and sparkle, especially in dark colors and don’t forget about gray, it's still huge! Outfit: Dress, Madison Marcus; Shoes, Fergie; Ring, Banana Republic.

 showers.004 Outdoor BBQ: This is the time to find your inner Sookie Stackhouse and rock an absolutely adorable sundress or go Cali and wear a comfy maxi dress. I love getting to wear fun sweet dresses, let’s be honest I just love clothes... Outfit: All J.Crew.

showers.005Restaurant Soiree: Think Glam and Comfy. My favorite look ever! I love when fancy clothes look easy and sexy. This is your chance to have all the folks in the cities hippest restaurant all want to have your outfit. Outfit: tank, Forever21; pants, Generra; shoes, Steve Madden; bracelet, Forever21.

So that was fun, a little vicarious shopping for me, a few cute outfit options for you. Have fun with clothes, I don't understand why people take it so seriously. Matchy-Matchy just doesn’t work, it ends up looking too contrived and it just takes too long to do. Have fun and look good, that’s the life.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and enjoy all of your presents, showers rock!!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Real Weddings: Christine and Erik Part 2-Reception

Pink, Orange and Green Bouquet

And now…the long awaited reception! This venue needed some height, so we brought the ceiling down with paper lanterns, and brought the tables up with these great branches adorned with strung orchids finished off with beads and jewels. Also, since it is an older venue maintaining the historic feel with the exposed bricks and wood floors and ceilings, we wanted to lighten the venue up a little and keep with the colors so we used pink and orange linens for tables, use chair sashes to break up the white chairs and the menu cards were folded in the opposite color napkin to compliment the solid color linen on the tables.  Each table was named after their favorite Savannah Squares, Savannah Pralines were given out as favors and the catering (you guessed it) traditional southern fare. The dancing went on throughout the night and Christine’s sister created a tribute to Christine and Erik through a slideshow that played into the night for them and their guests to see!

An amazing day, one all that partook in the festivities will remember forever!

 Pink Paper LanternsLong Wedding Tablespink and orange bouquetsPraline Favors Wedding Table Names  Orchids hanging on branches

Pink and Orange reception Wedding Orange Table SettingsWedding BouquetWedding Centerpiece Branches357Pink Place SettingWedding Menu CardSavannah, GA wedding receptionSavannah Wedding Reception     first danceSavannah Wedding Dancing

Monday, August 17, 2009

Real Weddings: Christine and Erik Part 1-Ceremony

Forsyth FountainYou know I love my military couples….and this couple is NO EXCEPTION!

When Christine came to me, one of the first questions out of her mouth was “What are your thoughts on hot pink and bright orange Morgan?” Now, this seems to be the year for bright colors, but up until Christine contacted me, I have never had such a bright color pallet for a wedding. And to be honest, I was a bit hesitant. But after talking with Christine and Erik, their vision was quite clear and I knew this was going to be a very bright, happy and colorful event to remember! (Exactly the atmosphere they wanted to convey) Not to mention, that this matched this couples personality to a tee! I feel quickly in love with them, their ideas and the thought of putting this very special event together for them. They married at St. Joseph's Cathedral Savannah, GA at 2pm in a full mass ceremony and being military, exited the church under a traditional saber arch ceremony. The clover green bridesmaid dresses were adorable and compliment their orange and hot pink bouquets perfectly.  We added touches of the green color to compliment the girls dresses and hot pink and bright orange colors in Christine’s bouquet. Her bouquet, to this date, is one of my favorites. The texture, unique flowers, and colors are a PERFECT match to Christine’s personality and style. Kudos to  Geoff L. Johnson for capturing all the most intimate and amazing moments in this amazing couple’s wedding. His pictures are a truly unique perspective on a couples first day as husband and wife!

Christine and Erik are both in the military and right after their wedding, they headed to California to train up for their near future deployment. They will share their first year as husband and wife, overseas fighting our country’s war and for that, I want to personally thank them for their service and for allowing us to share in this momentous occasion with them and their loved ones.

Wedding Ceremony Peak Wedding Ceremony Programs Savannah GA WeddingWedding Pew MarkerSt. Josephs Cathedral Savannah, GASavannah Wedding CeremonySabre ArchWedding Sabre Arch 211  Wedding Trolley    Hot Pink and Orange bouquets


Friday, August 14, 2009

How to dress your body type perfectly for your wedding day.

If you have ever seen an episode of What Not to Wear you know that looking fabulous has nothing to do with size or shape, but how you dress whatcha got!!! There is nothing sadder than seeing someone denying their own shape! Dressing for your wedding is just like dressing for everyday, it’s all about proportion and emphasizing and de-emphasizing the right spots. So let’s break down the most common body shapes and decide the best way to dress them.

dress your body.001 Pear Shape: The ladies whose hips and bootie are wider than their shoulders are considered pear shaped. Think bottom heavy, like the fruit, you know all of this. Ladies with this shape need to balance their shoulders and bust by using dainty off the shoulder sleeves or even a v-neck. Plus adding interest around the neckline brings everyone’s eyes up. Stick to A-lines skirts to balance out the body. Belted accents are encouraged for all body shapes! It never hurts to emphasize your natural waist, which is always your smallest part.

dress your body.002 Apple Shape: Once again, this shape is all about balance. Think of an apple, you have broad shoulders or a large chest and are thicker throughout your belly, thinning out around the booty. To dress this shape I suggest a strapless bodice which opens up the chest and gives you the opportunity to wear a large skirt to give more weight to your bottom half, presumably balancing you out. Once again a belted gown well help to offset a thicker midsection, giving you a perfectly engineered hourglass shape!

dress your body.003Boyish: Boyish shapes are generally long and lean with very little curve. To dress this shape it is all about creating that womanly curve. Find bodices that have ruching or other interesting details to add umph to your top, look for skirts with ruffles or feathers, anything to give the illusion that you have mad curves under that skirt. Beware any shapes that are straight and without detail, as it will draw attention to your straightness.

dress your body.004Petite: Now petite ladies have a really difficult go at things! Being petite is tough business and I should know all of my best friends are the tiniest little things ever, ah my Asians, I love them! But my goodness it is difficult to find clothes that are the correct proportion. When shopping for wedding gowns focus your search on sheath gowns which are straight up and down and really elongate your figure. Beware any gown with a dropped waist which make your legs look super short, the opposite of what you want!

HELPFUL HINT: When it comes time to alter your gown, this is where spending the big money can really pay off, make sure the bodice doesn’t hit lower than where it’s supposed to and if you have any detailing at the bottom of your gown it might be worth your while to pay extra to have your gown custom hemmed. You just get measured wearing your wedding day shoes and when your dress comes in you won’t have to worry about hemming it. So really it’s like paying for the hem ahead of time and can sometimes end up being cheaper. Now you don’t have to worry about loosing any of the detail or being charged extra to have the hem lifted from the top.

dress your body.005Hourglass: Women with this shape have proportioned shoulders/bust and hips with a distinctive tiny midsection. Look for gowns that don’t add weight anywhere! You don’t want to risk looking larger all the way around. I suggest a strapless bodice that fits perfectly, as to not add bulk to your already proportioned body. ALWAYS wear a belt, it’s an absolute must with an hourglass shape, showing off that tiny waist is super important. The best skirt option you have is an A-line or modified A-line skirt which skims your hips, but doesn’t add any extra weight.

Generally, I know what I’m talking about, but I also know that there are always exceptions to every fashion rule and the best way for you to really know is to try on everything. Embrace your shape and really show it off. It is super important for you to dress the body you have not the body you wish for me I have to remember that I am indeed NOT Gwyneth Paltrow! Size really doesn’t matter when a garment fits you perfectly you are going to look thinner, taller, no matter what the size tag says. If you need any more advice on how to dress your body type feel free to ask or simply google image search your celeb icon!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and dress that sexy body like it’s your job. seriously. do it.