Friday, July 29, 2011

Wear your hair down, really, just do it...

 hairdown.002So, there is nothing more terrible than a bad prom updo on a bride... it’s just sad and even when an updo is done correctly sometimes it ends up looking too stiff and serious. I think wearing hair down for your wedding should be done more often, it’s romantic and carefree. I understand that sometimes there are situations where it may be necessary to wear your hair up, terrible humidity, etc. But for the most part I think a woman wearing her hair down and unadorned is absolutely beautiful. The key is to embrace what you’ve got, you know your hair... don’t try to flat iron your hair bone straight in 70 percent humidity when you have crazy corkscrew curls. The same goes for any hair type. Stick to your natural texture. Also, you can’t deny the power of products. When your hair is damp you need to apply some kind of thickening spray to add body, I also like texturizing products which really help hold your style. When it comes to hairspray, it’s all about finding something that holds without creating helmet hair. L’Oreal’s famous Elnett hairspray is lovely, it holds well and brushes out like a champ. So no matter what length or style your hair is, it’s absolutely possible to wear it down and natural!! hairdown.003hairdown.001