Friday, August 21, 2009

How to dress for your Bridal Shower.

So this is a really just an excuse for me to take a break from wedding dresses, seriously, I dream about wedding dresses. And I have had a shopping bug that just won’t go away, so I figured that I would construct a few outfits for various common shower themes. I know that this is my style which can be...out there for some folks, but trust me, please. Even if you don’t dig the exact style just pay attention to silhouettes and how colors/patterned are mixed. Your shower is yet another day along your journey to the alter that revolves around you, so embrace it. I think that showers are super fun way to dress up, but not take yourself too seriously.

showers.001 Proper Tea: This is the day to find your inner sweetheart. I hate fashion rules and feel that if someone tells me it's frowned upon to wear a short skirt, I find the most ultra-short mini and rock it hard, but sometimes it is super fun to find your inner prude. Look for sweet and demure patterns, to mix with harder pieces to avoid looking like a librarian ;) I choose 4.5 inch heels and a hot double wrap belt to funk up my innocent outfit.  Outfit: Dress, Maggie London;Cardigan, J.Crew;Shoes, Jessica Simpson; Belt, Banana Republic.

showers.002Weekend Brunch: Brunch is my favorite mealtime and I hate that you have to wait until the weekend to eat it, I want eggs benedict and mimosas everyday of the week. This is an event to have a little fun with your outfit. Casual, comfy, cute. Outfit:Jacket, Shirt, Banana Republic; Skirt, Forever21; Shoes, Steve Madden.

showers.003Couples Cocktail Party: I LOVE cocktail parties, sorry didn’t mean to yell, but for serious, I love me a super cute cocktail dress. Love, Love, Love. This Fall cocktail means sequins and sparkle, especially in dark colors and don’t forget about gray, it's still huge! Outfit: Dress, Madison Marcus; Shoes, Fergie; Ring, Banana Republic.

 showers.004 Outdoor BBQ: This is the time to find your inner Sookie Stackhouse and rock an absolutely adorable sundress or go Cali and wear a comfy maxi dress. I love getting to wear fun sweet dresses, let’s be honest I just love clothes... Outfit: All J.Crew.

showers.005Restaurant Soiree: Think Glam and Comfy. My favorite look ever! I love when fancy clothes look easy and sexy. This is your chance to have all the folks in the cities hippest restaurant all want to have your outfit. Outfit: tank, Forever21; pants, Generra; shoes, Steve Madden; bracelet, Forever21.

So that was fun, a little vicarious shopping for me, a few cute outfit options for you. Have fun with clothes, I don't understand why people take it so seriously. Matchy-Matchy just doesn’t work, it ends up looking too contrived and it just takes too long to do. Have fun and look good, that’s the life.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and enjoy all of your presents, showers rock!!!!