Friday, August 7, 2009

How to be beautiful and under budget on your wedding day.


I have written a blog on how to dress on your day for under 1000 dollars, but I thought that it would be a super fun challenge to up the ante...under 750? under 500? under 250? It can be done and I am here to show you how!!!! Everyone deserves to be stunning on their wedding day no matter the budget and it is completely possible! Let us begin.

Under Budget .001 Dress, J.Crew, $650; shoes, J.Crew, $49.50; Floral Hair Pin, Etsy, $16; Lariat necklace, Etsy, $18.

GRAND TOTAL: $733.50

Under Budget .002 Dress, David’s Bridal, $399; Shoes, RSVP, $69; Earrings, Etsy, $29.

GRAND TOTAL: $497.00

Under Budget .003

Dress, Calvin Klein, $178; Shoes, Chinese Laundry, $58.95; Cuff, Forever21, $10.80.

GRAND TOTAL: $247.75

Being fashionable is not a luxury it is a right and attainable on all budgets. I have always thought that the tighter the budget the more creative you have to be to look like a million bucks, and generally cooler than the folks with a million bucks. You really just have to put in the leg work, shop around, try on everything, and keep an open mind.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember that being beautiful and chic can be done no matter how broke you are ;)