Monday, August 31, 2009

How to look super adorable while getting ready for your special moment!

So first, let me apologize for being a total slacker...I know you all live for Fashion Fridays, seriously, your world revolves around it, but I found a new loser young adult vampire-ish novel series and I seriously have been reading the first two books like it’s my loser, no excuse. It’s amazing I was able to find a man who loves me in all my super nerd-dom...I digress. So I loved my pre-wedding outfit, I was comfy and girly and I didn’t have to worry about looking disheveled in photos, but instead I actually looked super cute! Plus, when else will you have the opportunity to wear things that have bride written on them in sparkly rhinestones and not look like a dummy.

gettin' ready.001 So I think the goal is to find a super cute, white hoodie and lounge pants combo. Pink or any sweet color is appropriate. I found my terry outfit at Old Navy for 30$, but there are so many options out there. Victoria’s Secret has the cutest choices, including a cashmere sweater and cashmere lounge pants, plus cute terry options at great prices. If you are looking for some more sporty options, check out Stella McCartney for Adidas this stuff is freaking adorable!!! I can’t even tell you and well I can’t show you either...because I can’t get pictures...but trust me if it’s available in your area it is worth a looking at, but I will warn’s crazy expensive...but it’s your wedding, splurging is totally acceptable. If a 300 dollar yoga outfit isn’t up your deal, check out American Apparel for stylish separates are stellar prices. 

gettin' ready.002  You also can look for sweet, comfy dresses, I love this one from Victoria’s Secret it’s fleece and has a huge neck hole so you can easily get it off without messing up your hair and makeup. I also found the cutest skirt/dress from Athleta, it’s 30 dollars and has wonderful re-wearing possibilities for the beach on the honeymoon or just chillaxin around the house. Also, never forget to check out Forever 21’s Fabulous Finds! They aren’t the pinnacle of craftsmanship, but they are cute and CHEAP! Also, a nice maxi dress would be a great options since you can step out of it instead of pulling it over your head.

gettin' ready.003Now, to the stuff that’s super fun, that  is truly wear once kinda I know I seem like a walking Victoria’s Secret ad, but their Sexy Little Things diamante Bride tank top, is the cutest thing ever and I loooove the little blue bow on the back! I still rock mine around the house ;) You can make your own personalized shirts on websites like Cafe Press, CustomInk, or my fave! I have made some of the cutest tee’s on that website! Seriously. It could also save you some serious cash, because most companies print the word Bride on a shirt and charge you 20 more dollars. Although, the Bridal Diva Boutique has some super cute options, like their happily ever after robe and at $70 it is totally worth it! They are stocked with tees, tanks, and thongs...all a growing bride needs for a fabulous wedding day.

Now, you could wear whatever the heck you want before your wedding, pj’s or a super chic outfit, but in my opinion you want to be super comfy and stinking cute...come on you are going to be wearing a wedding dress, however comfortable, for the next 6-10 hours, treat yourself to some comfy sweats or a cute and easy dress.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and enjoy the comfy hours before the big party...because trust me, that dress is gonna get heavy!!!!