Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It’s all about your guests! Part 2-How to spoil our guests during your ceremony!

Yesterday we talked about how to treat your guests to the 6-star treatment prior to your wedding weekend. Today, we are talking about the ceremony! Here are just a few ideas you can do that for your guests to ensure they are comfortable and feeling oh-so-special!

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1. During the cooler months, have a basket full of pashminas or light blankets for your guests to cuddle and keep warm during the ceremony.

2. Palm or program fans will keep your guests cool during the warmer months. 

3. & 4.  Refreshments are always a thoughtful and appreciated touch . You an have personalized bottled water on each seat or in a tin bowl at the end of the aisle, or a whole table full of juices, lemonades, and any color coordinated beverages for your guests to enjoy for the hour they would be participating in the ceremony and the time before.

5. & 6. Parasols are another great option to keep your guests shaded from the Georgia heat. They also make great pictures when a bunch of your guests have them open during your ceremony!

7. There is nothing more convenient than providing transportation for your guests from their hotels to the ceremony site. Most of the time, there are few parking spaces or options and this option elevates the stresses that go along with parking wars of the Lowcountry. Not to mention, you will have assurance that your guests will show up on time!

Check back on Saturday for Part 3- Spoiling your guests for your reception.