Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best of Wedding Day Beauty- Part 2

Okay, I am back some more of my favorite products, today we will be focusing on the body!! I love all of these products and with the exception of one, they are all drugstore buys under 10 dollars. Now, I can’t say it enough, PPPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE, please don’t try any of these products on a whim moments before your walk down the aisle...what if the self tanner doesn’t work for you? what if you are terribly allergic to shave cream??? just don’t do it...try these products at least a month before your big day!!!

best of body products.001 Body: Part 2

Best Body Lotion: Eucerin Everyday Protection with SPF 15 rocks my socks. I use this stuff everyday! It absorbs quickly and is light, never greasy. I love that it gives you sun protection for the normal day out. It’s awesome, you don’t even have to think about adding separate sun care, you moisturize and you are set for the day. It’s full of antioxidants and vitamin e so that you feel like you are doing good things for your body. Please don’t think that this is enough protection if you are say going to the beach or playing out in the sun, you need the up the SPF to at least 30...I use 100. Perhaps it’s overkill, but rather safe than sorry.

Best Body Wash: Eucerin has it again. I loooooove their Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil!!!! Not only does it cleanse, your skin is soft and hydrated after using this awesome oil. You never feel greasy only pleasantly moisturized. Like most of Eucerin’s products it is fragrance and soap-free, my super sensitive skin loves it. Followed with my favorite lotion, I am a sexy and smooth.

Best Body Scrub: Origin’s Incredible Spreadable Scrub is seriously amazing! I love the ginger one it smells like heaven and smoothes your dry or dull skin into a glowing masterpiece. The scrub uses both white and brown sugar, dead sea salts, and olive oil. The scent isn’t super strong, just enough to give you a hint of warm and sweet ginger. This stuff rocks and at 26 bucks it will last you a while, a little goes a long way. WARNING: Do not use on freshly shaved skin, OUCH!!!! And also, never use an oily scrub before applying self tanner, the tanner won’t adhere to your skin properly and I promise you, it will look a hot mess.

Best Shave Cream: Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave for Dry Skin. This fabulous product is infused with olive butter and soy. Unlike most shave gels/creams, this product doesn’t lather, but remains a thick foam. It really does make every shave a bit more luxurious and the sweet scent is mild and really fresh. I love how soft it makes my legs feel and at around 6 bucks I am all for it!

Best at home Self Tanner: Okay, I have to admit that self-tanner freaks me out a bit. I hate the idea of it, but I also hate skin cancer much more, so if we must, Jergen’s natural glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer does the trick nicely. The foam goes on easily and gives a fantastic natural glow in just a few days. I like it because it dries faster than most self tanners, so no standing naked in front of the fan for 30 minutes. I use the Fair to Medium shade, which works well with my pale olive complexion, I am such a fake Italian. Like any self tanner, be careful around your knees, elbows, and ankles, you don’t want funky brown knee caps, not a good look. Also, make sure to wash your hands really well or even wear gloves while applying as to not stain your hands. After washing my hands, I like to use the left over foam in the spout on the back of my hands rubbing them together, to avoid getting in between my fingers.

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.



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