Friday, September 2, 2011

Chic Nails.

So, this might seem outrageous, but I think that nail polish should express your personality and mood... And on your wedding day you should take advantage of the opportunity to throw in a little bit of you. I mean, nothing against a french manicure... oh yeah, I actually hate them... Sorry, but it’s true... I just don’t get it. It’s so formal and 1993... So here are some super modern pairings for you to rock on your wedding day!!!

nailpolish.001Essie in Turquoise and Caicos & Butter London in Snog

nailpolish.002Sally Hansen Malt & Piggy Polish in Coral Reef

nailpolish.003Deborah Lippman Today was a Fairytale & Butter London in The Old Bill

nailpolish.004Essie in Marshmallow & Deborah Lippman in Supermodel

nailpolish.005Essie in Ballet Slippers & Chanel in Morning Rose

nailpolish.006Revlon in Silver Screen & Essie in Lollipop

nailpolish.007Deborah Lippman in Yellow Brick Road & Essie in Chinchilly

Have a colorful day!!!



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