Thursday, September 15, 2011

An idiots guide to bouquets...


I am not a florist. I know very little about flowers, plants... I am a known indoor plant murderer. Dexter has got nothing on me, I couldn’t even keep basil alive. Yeah, it’s bad. I am a highly fashionable person and I do love looking at flowers... I’d like to think that I have an eye for color and texture and that sort of hullabaloo. So here is just a fun little blog to show you my favorite dress/flower color combos and just a few of my favorite flowers...

floral.001 Your bridesmaids are wearing black.

*Dress shown is JCrew

Michael Jackson said it best, black and white... They are a genius combo, it’s bold and it stands out. I love white flowers against a black dress. It gives off such a formal feel and it gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color with the ribbon. I love accent colors. I think a sexy deep red, chartreuse, and any shade of pink look great. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower and look great with roses and mini cala lilies.

Your bridesmaids are wearing pink.

*Dress shown is Rachel Pallyfloral.002

Okay, so this is one of my all time favorite pairings. If your girls are in hot pink give them a stunning peach and pink bouquet. It should look like a pastel wonderland. I love the different variety of flowers and tones of pink and peach. Roses that are more orange on the tips add a great pop! Once again, peonies are perfect for this because they come in the most insanely beautiful pale pink and add some peach roses... yes ma’am!!!!!

floral.003 Your bridesmaids are wearing gray.

*Dress shown is JCrew

Okay because gray can be... well gray, I think the perfect answer is some rad hot pink!!! I think it gives the gray a real vibrance. My second fave flower would have to be ranunculus and they come in an ah-mazing pink. I think ranunculus make beautiful bouquets on their own, but add some hot pink peonies(of course) or roses for some change in texture and it’s super fabulous.

floral.004 Your bridesmaids are wearing navy.

*Dress shown is BHLDN

I adore navy bridesmaids dresses and when I think navy I think sweet wild flowers with all kinds of pretty textures and colors. I found this bouquet courtesy of The Flower Lab and it’s filled with limonium, stock, waxflower, alstroemeria, astilbe, veronica, and monte casino aster... I don’t know what a single one of those are!!! But it’s so beautiful and contrasts so beautifully with the navy gown. Perfect boho chic.

*Note. If you are doing super formal navy, see black, same rules apply.

So there you have it folks my very simple, but affective flower guide. I don’t like flowers that look too fussy and don’t even start me on cascade bouquets... I may vomit in my mouth... But hopefully that will help a little in your quest for wedding glory!!!



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