Monday, November 14, 2011

Very Pinteresting...


  pinterest-logo-a1 Maybe you’ve heard of Pinterest or maybe you haven’t, but I know you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter... Well, Pinterest is better than both of them. Okay, now you must be saying, “great, but what the devil does a social media website have to do with weddings!?!?” My answer, everything. Unlike other sites, you are connecting to friends and random strangers with ah-mazing pictures. It’s basically the most giant collection of brilliant and inspiring photos ranging from fashion, decor, food, funny/inspiring quote, fun diy projects, and yes, weddings... oh-so-many-weddings.

Picture 1Basically you create folders for yourself and any photo you like from any website can be posted to Pinterest you can mention friends and leave comments. For example, I have a fashion folder labeled Fashionably Late and wedding folder aptly named For My Next Wedding and oh, so many more. There is no limit to your folder options. I also love this site because I no longer have to fill my computer with photos, I have a nice and tidy place online to go and view all of my favorite photos without using up much needed computer space. And you can repin from friends and other Pinterest buddies and the pictures usually have links to the websites where they are from, so if you love a cake or dress 90% of the time when you click the photo you will be taken to the website where it’s from!!!!! BRILLIANT.

Pinterest Photos.001You do need a invite to join the site, but trust me if you put out the word on Facebook someone will hook you up! You will be shocked how many people you already know who are on it!!!

Happy Pinning!!!



  1. Patrice @ Wedding Ideas NowNov 19, 2011 09:39 PM

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree! Pinterest is an amazing thing! It gives brides an even better perspective on what's possible for their big day. I love it! I've already repinned you