Friday, December 2, 2011

If the shoe fits...

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I was thinking the other day about how shoes completely make or break an outfit. A great look with an awful shoe... well, let’s face it it’s an awful look. I think the same goes for wedding attire. I think that certain styles call for a specific type of shoe. Now if you notice kitten heels and flats do not make my list... That’s because they are NOT appropriate wedding shoes. Unless you are 5’10” then do not argue with me. Gowns can very easily swallow you whole and they really do call for a heel to elongate your frame... So again, unless you are supermodel tall then put on a heel and a kitten heel doesn’t count. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. The ugliest shoe in the world. Just don’t do it.

iftheshoefits.001  Shoe. BHLDN. Dress. Bliss by Monique Lhuillier.

I love the ease of a slingback with a mermaid/fit-n-flair gown. Since these gowns usually have a seem near your hips they can cut you off and make your legs appear really short. So, I prefer some type of platform and a slingback can give you that height without looking heavy like a pump.


Shoe. BHLDN. Dress. Christos.

I think a pump does it’s best work with a ball gown. Since the gown is full it can perfectly balance a covered toe pump. I think that pumps can look very heavy with less formal gowns. It is also historically accurate, think about it, do you think Marie Antoinette was rocking a sandal with her giant gowns!?!? Don’t think so. It’s just a very classic pairing.


Shoe. BHLDN. Marchesa.

I love a good peep toe with a super short mini. If you have super fabulous legs this is the combo for you. Peep toes are great at elongating your leg and these are perfect for creating that long line that would look brilliant with a short gown. Excellent for partying down at your reception.


Shoe. Ivanka Trump. Dress. JCrew.

I love this whole look for a beach or outdoor wedding. A wedge is perfect for soft grass and sand, no sinking! Plus, they are usually really comfortable. Wedges will work with a slim or full silhouette, but the importance of this shoe is fabric. It must be light. The gown should in no way feel heavy. Think organza, chiffon, cotton/silk toile. Just about anything that JCrew sells.


Shoe. Max Studio. Dress. JCrew.

The sandal and the wedge work very similarly, depending on the weight of the fabric. I would do a sandal with a slimmer silhouette, no ball gowns or a-lines. Now you can do something light and casual like I’ve shown here with light fabric, or you can choose to wear a fancier sandal, something metallic, with a heavier fabric like satin.


Shoe. BHLDN. Dress. Dolly Couture.

When I think D’Orsay, I think retro. So a brilliant tea length gown with old school flare is just what the doctor ordered. I couldn’t think of a better cliche to use... hmmm, sorry about that. I love anything with a vintage flair and these shoes definitely give that feeling. D’Orsay’s could also work in any situation that a sandal would be appropriate.

Don’t forget this is only a guideline. In no way are these the end all, be all of shoe rules. Fashion is such a subjective topic. There is never a total fashion no-no, except for maybe wearing flats or kitten heels with your wedding dress... please don’t do it!!!!


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