Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Williams in Christian Dior


Dress, Catherine Deane; Sash, BHLDN; Veil, BHLDN; Shoes, RSVP.

Hello Fairy Princess. This look is so exciting. It’s simple, easy, and absolutely breathtaking. Michelle Williams really knows how to dress to impress and this gown is no different. I love how it shows off her neck and d├ęcolletage. The belt empathizes that tiny waist while the pattern of the dress has an amazing slimming effect. Bottom heavy girls, this is a dress for you. The skirt is so flattering as it just floats away from the hips and bottom giving the illusion of a super slim bottom half. I adore this look and even more so, I love that she is only wearing one cocktail ring! With this dress, a wonderful cage veil would be the only accessories that I would suggest. Keep ears, neck, and wrists naked. Trust me, you won’t need any adornments with a gown like this. Rock this Catherine Deane awesome gown with a black sash or if you really want that same flat look of Michelle’s belt purchase a half inch velvet ribbon and have a skilled seamstress sew it in so that it lays flay and then you don’t have to fuss up the back of the gown with a bow.



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