Friday, August 19, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Jenny Yoo

JennyYoo.002It’s no big secret, if you read this blog, that I am not a fan of traditional bridesmaids gowns. I mean it’s basically a department store dress that is more expensive, requires more work, and always needs alterations. Nothing about that is appealing to either me or your poor bridesmaids.  The whole “they can wear it again” sentiment is, in my opinion HIGHLY overused.  I think the best bet is to go to a department store or order online from a “normal store” if you want your girls to actually have a chance to wear there dress again. But when it comes to really awesome bridesmaids dresses one of my favorite designers in Jenny Yoo. I adore the modern shapes of her gowns. She also has brilliant colors and really makes a fashionable bridesmaids dress!! Hip Hip HOORAY!!! Her prices are moderate to high, but I think the color selection and great shapes make them well worth the cost. JennyYoo.001



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