Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who says the Bridesmaids have to match!?!

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   Well, it has to be said that I have always had quite a problem with authority... I don’t really like to be told what to do. I instantly want to do the opposite of what I am told... I’m sure this stems to some repressed elementary school trauma. Nonetheless my apprehension to the rules is, I think, what makes me so good at fashion and decorating... Because the unexpected is exciting and fun!!! Let your bridesmaids be FUN!! I swear, take it from me, mixing bridesmaids gowns comes across confident and sophisticated. Using 3 stores you can get all your girls outfitted with “different, but the same” dresses sure to be the hit of wedding!!! I mean, besides you... *Sidenote. You will always be the most important, that’s a given, so don’t be afraid to do fun and interesting things with your wedding for fear they will overshadow you. NOT POSSIBLE* Okay, moving on... 

diffbmdresses.001Shopbop. Okay. Shopbop is seriously the most wonderfully edited “designer” site. I am obsessed with every designer they sell. Omg. I would love to win a shopping spree... Can anyone make that happen?!!? Let me know ;) With Shopbop I decided to do a more daytime look, this would be great during Spring, but honestly will still work for Winter. Just have your girls rock structured blazers or rad leather jackets with the look for colder weather. OOOOooooooOOOo. So chic. This color palette is one of my favorites! The shades of silvery gray are just stunning and universally flattering and the tawny pink shades are so beautiful and such a girly mix. This look is more about varying fabrics and colors, none of them match perfectly, but they create a genius collection that totally works together. Think about putting your maid and matron of honor in the pink whilst the rest of your ladies do the gray. Obsessed with this.

diffbmdresses.002BHLDN. Favorite store ever. So I decided to do a blue/navy/black theme. I love this for an evening affair. The colors are brilliant and read super chic. I think this combo really works. You can decide if you want it more blue heavy or black heavy, but I like it nice and balanced. The colors do NOT need to match perfectly. Do you hear me!?!? DO NOT need to match. It’s all about getting colors that go. This is what will create the brilliant look of non-matching-matching. Use different textures of fabrics. Mix stripes, solids, ruffles and bows. This look is beyond sophisticated.

diffbmdresses.003JCrew. Who doesn’t love fuschia!? I mean this collection is not for color challenged. This is for the girl that loves vibrant, exciting color and isn’t afraid to have it in her wedding. I love the rose pinks mixed with the more muted purply tones. This collection also heavily relies on varying color and texture. I love the richness of this grouping. The patterned gown should definitely go on your maid of honor for a little something special for her. I think these girls should be carrying a lovely bouquet of white, peach, and pale pink peonies. Are you feeling me!?!? Who’s excited!?!? My Lordy I want to get married again so badly!!!

Okay, so the rules.

*it only needs to “go” no matchy-matchy here.

*look for varying patterns, fabrics, and shades.

  • give your maid and matron’s of honor the special dress.
  • don’t be afraid of color.
  • remember it’s impossible for you not to be the star of the show, so don’t be afraid to take risks with designing your wedding look. You are never going to be overshadowed.


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  1. I really love the idea of bridesmaids wearing similar shades but not all wearing the SAME dresses : seen too many ill fitting dresses on bridesmaids for the matching sake. :)