Friday, August 14, 2009

How to dress your body type perfectly for your wedding day.

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If you have ever seen an episode of What Not to Wear you know that looking fabulous has nothing to do with size or shape, but how you dress whatcha got!!! There is nothing sadder than seeing someone denying their own shape! Dressing for your wedding is just like dressing for everyday, it’s all about proportion and emphasizing and de-emphasizing the right spots. So let’s break down the most common body shapes and decide the best way to dress them.

dress your body.001 Pear Shape: The ladies whose hips and bootie are wider than their shoulders are considered pear shaped. Think bottom heavy, like the fruit, you know all of this. Ladies with this shape need to balance their shoulders and bust by using dainty off the shoulder sleeves or even a v-neck. Plus adding interest around the neckline brings everyone’s eyes up. Stick to A-lines skirts to balance out the body. Belted accents are encouraged for all body shapes! It never hurts to emphasize your natural waist, which is always your smallest part.

dress your body.002 Apple Shape: Once again, this shape is all about balance. Think of an apple, you have broad shoulders or a large chest and are thicker throughout your belly, thinning out around the booty. To dress this shape I suggest a strapless bodice which opens up the chest and gives you the opportunity to wear a large skirt to give more weight to your bottom half, presumably balancing you out. Once again a belted gown well help to offset a thicker midsection, giving you a perfectly engineered hourglass shape!

dress your body.003Boyish: Boyish shapes are generally long and lean with very little curve. To dress this shape it is all about creating that womanly curve. Find bodices that have ruching or other interesting details to add umph to your top, look for skirts with ruffles or feathers, anything to give the illusion that you have mad curves under that skirt. Beware any shapes that are straight and without detail, as it will draw attention to your straightness.

dress your body.004Petite: Now petite ladies have a really difficult go at things! Being petite is tough business and I should know all of my best friends are the tiniest little things ever, ah my Asians, I love them! But my goodness it is difficult to find clothes that are the correct proportion. When shopping for wedding gowns focus your search on sheath gowns which are straight up and down and really elongate your figure. Beware any gown with a dropped waist which make your legs look super short, the opposite of what you want!

HELPFUL HINT: When it comes time to alter your gown, this is where spending the big money can really pay off, make sure the bodice doesn’t hit lower than where it’s supposed to and if you have any detailing at the bottom of your gown it might be worth your while to pay extra to have your gown custom hemmed. You just get measured wearing your wedding day shoes and when your dress comes in you won’t have to worry about hemming it. So really it’s like paying for the hem ahead of time and can sometimes end up being cheaper. Now you don’t have to worry about loosing any of the detail or being charged extra to have the hem lifted from the top.

dress your body.005Hourglass: Women with this shape have proportioned shoulders/bust and hips with a distinctive tiny midsection. Look for gowns that don’t add weight anywhere! You don’t want to risk looking larger all the way around. I suggest a strapless bodice that fits perfectly, as to not add bulk to your already proportioned body. ALWAYS wear a belt, it’s an absolute must with an hourglass shape, showing off that tiny waist is super important. The best skirt option you have is an A-line or modified A-line skirt which skims your hips, but doesn’t add any extra weight.

Generally, I know what I’m talking about, but I also know that there are always exceptions to every fashion rule and the best way for you to really know is to try on everything. Embrace your shape and really show it off. It is super important for you to dress the body you have not the body you wish for me I have to remember that I am indeed NOT Gwyneth Paltrow! Size really doesn’t matter when a garment fits you perfectly you are going to look thinner, taller, no matter what the size tag says. If you need any more advice on how to dress your body type feel free to ask or simply google image search your celeb icon!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and dress that sexy body like it’s your job. seriously. do it.


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