Monday, August 24, 2009

Best of Wedding Day Beauty-Our Favorite Skin Care Products

Now I have a problem, well it’s not so much a problem as it is an products that is. I see a new one and I must purchase it, it becomes an obsession. Sometimes it is totally worth it, other times it’s a bust, but the fun is in trying it and making your own decisions. So much like our favorite major magazines, I have decided to give you, not an expert opinion, so much as an informed broke fashionistas opinion. The latter is soooooo much more fun. Over the next few weeks, I plan on shedding light on a new group of products so that hopefully you can be so fresh and so clean, clean on your big day.

****Disclaimer: Please dear Lord do not try any new products days or even weeks before your big day!!!! I’m serious, finding out you have a crazy allergic reaction to a product is the pits and rashes are not hot, I****

skincare.001Skin Care:

Best at home Facial Tool: I am digging Neutrogena’s Ageless Restoratives Total Skin Renewal Kit. I’m sure you have seen Jen Garner on the telly telling you that it reverses a year of aging in just one week...well...let’s not get crazy. It does make your face feel as fresh as a babies bottom, it seems to diminish pore size, and really makes skin a fabulous canvas for whatever product you place on it. The product cost $25 and comes with everything you need to get started, plus a months worth of cleansing puffs, I’m sold.

Best Anti-Aging Treatment: Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention rocks. This is a two week system that uses a special concentrated formula using a peptide-B3 complex, whatever the heck it is, works! It comes with 14 tiny capsules that before bed you pop open and spread all over you face. It really hydrates and softens lines. The system runs about 20 bucks and as far as I can tell could replace a night cream, it might add up to use every night, but it would still only run 50 bucks a month, some creams far less effective cost 5 times that...I’ve tried one for 350 dollars and I ended up using it on my stretch marks...on my butt, soooo not worth it.

Best Acne System: The Obagi Cleziderm system is amazing! I’m a believer! I have written about the terror that is my skin and how I have struggled to get it manageable. Well, this system is killer, I use the dry skin formula because acne treatments tend to dry me out like crazy. I am amazed at how this system keeps my skin under control. The only downside is that it runs around $130, but a kit lasts around 4 months.

Best Toner: So this may be one of the most amazing products I have ever purchased, Sonya Dakar’s Aromasol Mist for irritated skin, is the most glorious toner ever. It has no alcohol, so it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils, but does have dead sea minerals that sop up oil and give skin a refreshing glow. This stuff is amazing, a bottle will set you back 30 dollars, but lasts a remarkably long time.

Best Spot Remover: I have found a few that float my boat, but the best by far is Origin’s Spot Remover, a small bottle runs 12 dollars and lasts forever. The main ingredient is, no surprise, 2% Salicylic Acid, but it also uses oregano and clove buds to get things back in order. The only down side is that it peels noticeably when you put makeup over it.

Best Eye Treatment: I’m still working on this one. I just recently started using Shiseido’s The Skincare Eye Moisture Recharge, it plumps my eyes and helps makeup smooth on incredibly easy. I like the consistency and really hope to see results, but I still haven’t decided yet...I’ll let you know...

Best Facial Scrub: By far, Sonya Dakar’s Triple Action Organic facial scrubs are the most amazing products out there. You have a few to choose from based on your skin concern, but I adore both the acne and irritation scrubs, they smell super funky, but your skin glows afterwards. All of Sonya’s products are natural and alcohol free, boasting ingredients such as linipack seeds and green tea extract. The scrubs are non-abrasive and worth every penny...and at 50 bucks, it’s a lot of pennies.

So there are a few of my favorite skin care products, please feel free to ask any questions about products I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t...I’m sure I’ve tried it. Sonya Dakar products can be ordered by email or telephone, you can contact Chrystine Hang at 877-727-6692 ext 230 or . This chick is the bee’s knees, she seriously knows her stuff and it feels like you have your very own skin specialist, plus she gives out samples like it’s her job!

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.



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