Monday, August 27, 2012

Stylish Groomsmen Options that aren’t Suits

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I think we can all agree that a man in a tux is a pretty sexy sight, but at the same time the tux is the norm... It’s classic, but not necessarily fashion forward or full of personality.  So I’ve compiled some amazing looks that will have your guys looking brilliant!!! 

Gray. I love gray suits and I love the new trend of wearing only a well fitting vest, no jacket. I am even obsessed with the argyle sweater vests. I think they are perfect for day weddings or a more causal or super-stylized afternoon or evening wedding. You don’t have to limit yourself to plain or easy, don’t be scared to step outside the box.

Khaki. I feel like khaki is the perfect for a summer casual look. Awesome for the beach or any outdoor occasion. Once again, I love the vests look, but am also obsessed with this suspender look. I LOVE suspenders and I feel like this just works! For fun, I absolutely think you should mix up the ties, and if you want to pair bow ties and regular neckties, I fully support this decision. It looks brilliant in photographs. The only thing with khaki is that I feel like it should be reserved for a day or afternoon wedding. It doesn’t quite work for me for night... But as with everything I say, there are NO rules!!

All mixed up. Suspenders. Buttoned vests. Unbuttoned vets. Jackets. Bow ties. Neckties. YES. YES. I say yes to all. I think that these looks are so insanely chic and just look so brilliant. They are fashion forward, but still unbelievably classic at the same time. 

There are tons of different options for the men in your wedding that look classic and sophisticated that are a complete 180 from the basic tux! Be bold!!

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