Tuesday, February 12, 2013

it's the little things...

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i am such a big believer in manipulating the little details of your day to truly reflect you and your spouse-to-be’s individual personalities and relationship as a whole. as you will see in the following examples i found via some of my favorite wedding blogs, this can take a variety of forms whether it be through uniquely worded paper goods, a quirky guest book, or whatever your heart desires.
without further adieu, i present to you…
this bohemian tea party styled shoot via love and lavender: 
look at those little menu cards! “dancin’ fuel” in lieu of the more commonplace “entree” & pictures rather than words? adorable. i am also such a fan of the lace-meets-bright-pops-of-color-meets-mismatched-china look, all with the beach as a flawless backdrop. note, however, that this is obviously just a styled shoot – if you are actually planning on recreating this look at your real wedding, please put the candles in holders. no need to destroy all that lovely lace! and your guests would also appreciate a carpet/rug/extra pillows to soften their interaction with all of those hard rocks & seashells, i’d imagine. ;)  
a decadently gorgeous ford plantation wedding via snippet and ink: 
those little kraft brown paper bags on the right hold a fragrant mix of white rose petals and mint leaves to toss on the couple in place of rice or bird seed. while that alone is deliciously unique, my favorite touch is the wording on said bags: “to take & to toss {to have & to hold}” – a cheeky nod to the ceremony vows! 
a lovely art deco-meets-handmade-fete via ruffled blog: 
this suite of hyper-creative paper goods scored major brownie points with me for a few reasons. 1 – the wording: “please also join us -wonderful shiny people- to dance with joy at our marriedness” is perfectly wonderful and, i imagine, just sums up the newlyweds’ personalities to a tee. 2 – the fact that they had a high tea reception. i mean, honestly. how cool is that? 3 – the intangibles of this wedding are just lovely. you can just feel the warmth & happiness of their day emanate from the photos of all the little touches that truly made this wedding theirs. click through to see just what i’m talking about! 
valentine’s day diy styled shoot via green wedding shoes: 
red beetle thumbprint guest book
no, your eyes do not deceive you: that is in fact the much-lauded, ever-popular thumbprint guestbook making an appearance in a new & {vastly improved} fashion! this ingenious little detail was born out of inspiration gleaned from the faux-couple’s getaway car – a vintage little red vw beetle. since this is from a styled shoot and there is not an actual couple, it is up to us to imagine why the fictional lovebirds chose this particular vehicle for their exit. could it be the bride’s first car? the car in which the groom picked up his bride for their very first date years ago? a family tradition started by the groom’s mother back in 1980? who knows! the point is, this is another cute way to incorporate a bit of your own history or quirk into your wedding. be creative! unless, that is, the whole tried-and-true tree picture with thumbprint leaves speaks to you. if that’s the case, go with it. it’s your day;)

so, dear readers, go ahead & spill in the comments: how are you thinking of personalizing your big day? 

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  1. Love attention to the details! Nice ideas,thank you!