Saturday, February 16, 2013

latest dessert trend: naked cake?

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that’s right, you heard me! naked cake. yes, that means sans frosting {or, as the case may be, icky-yet-attractive fondant}.
Milk Bar tiered wedding cake in pistachio and chocolate chip
milk bar tiered wedding cake in pistachio and chocolate chip {my preferred flavors!}
why, you may be asking yourself, would anyone in his or her right mind opt for a frosting-less wedding cake? i have come up with a few reasons for you:
1} frosting grosses you out. as a cake and filling person myself {aside from chocolate ganache situations, which are altogether different}, i can completely understand this logic.
2} it looks cool. there is just something about the vulnerable layers of exposed cake and luscious filling that beckon you to come hither
3} guests can see exactly what they’re getting. sure, this negates the whole surprise factor, but you have to admit it’s almost more exciting to anticipate the deliciousness in plain view rather than suspiciously scan over layers of the often-inedible fondant exterior and hoping for the best.
4} it’s different without being too different. not sure you want to completely forego a cake in favor of a trendy dessert, but don’t want traditional fare either? naked cake {yes, i’ve decided that’s its official term} could be just the thing for you!
and the styling options are endless! check out some of milk bar’s other offerings:
Milk Bar three tier wedding cake in strawberry lemon
milk bar three tier wedding cake in strawberry lemon
Milk Bar four tiered wedding cake in dulce de leche
milk bar four tiered wedding cake in dulce de leche
Milk Bar multi flavored wedding cake
milk bar multi flavored wedding cake
for those of you who do not live in the immediate nyc area and do not feel comfortable having your wedding cake shipped all the way from nyc {i honestly can’t blame you for that}, why not ask a local baker to recreate the same look for your wedding cake? you’ll avoid paying crazy shipping fees AND you’ll be buying local, which is always best.  
now, please excuse me while i take a moment to wipe the drool off of my screen and run off to the kitchen to whip up the closest thing to those tasty little numbers that my kitchenaid stand mixer and i can create.

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  1. Hate it......looks unfinished not to mention vulnerable to curious fingers.