Monday, February 11, 2013

Make It Your Own: "Playful Place Cards"

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There tends to be a lot of elements sitting on your reception tables, and yet among all the beautiful decor, your guests have to be able to see where they are sitting. This is why it is important, not only to make your place cards pretty, but to make them noticeable. You can use fun and playful items you already own, or go treasure hunting for new or vintage items. Either way, you can make whatever place card you choose unique and personable.

Maybe you collect vintage items or enjoy the hunt for them. Repurpose those items for you place cards. An example shown here is vintage doorknobs, but you could use any type of found object, or mix and match them. Perhaps you or your friends save all your wine bottles. Chances are you have a collection of corks as well. Simply slice a groove for the card and slice a flat edge on the bottom, and voila, a free, yet stylish place card holder.

A new, fun trend is using a variety of figurines painted in a unifying color. Simply write the name in a contrasting color on the figurine or lean a card against it. This is fun and will definitely stand out among the decor. If you prefer to just use paper, create a unique design and place it in a creative way, like the butterfly seen here. You can attach it to the glass, silverware, or bowl. Finally, give your guests something they can eat. Cake pops or fruit with a simple name tag attached are always a hit.

Have fun and see what you can come up with to create a memorable place card that is unique to you and your wedding style. Check out the MGE Pinterest Page and the "Make It Your own - Design Feature Board" for more great ideas.


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