Thursday, February 14, 2013

the day of v

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oh, valentine’s day. while i prefer celebrating lupercalia {yes, i was a latin nerd from 7th grade onward} i can absolutely get behind any holiday that gives me an excuse to wear pink, enjoy my much-loved chocolate, and drink wine with the boyfriend {or group of girlfriends, as the case may be;)}. sure, it may be a hallmark-holiday, but who am i to diss such a glorious occasion for indulgent behavior? exactly.
for all of you lovely readers out there, i assume that, reading a wedding blog as you are, you are most likely not a valentine’s day hater {like jessica biel’s character in that cinematic masterpiece, valentine’s day}. this is probably your last valentine’s day as a singleton, if you’re getting married sometime between next week and february 2014; or perhaps it’s your very first valentine’s day as an engaged or married couple. if neither of those descriptions fit you, who’s to say they won’t by next valentine’s?
in any case, i couldn’t resist giving in to the hype and compiling valentine’s day inspiration from my favorite blogs that will help you plan just how you’d like to spend your valentine’s this year. whether it’s your first as a newlywed, last as an unmarried couple, or somewhere-in-between, go ahead and make it special!
without further adieu… 
how about staying in and enjoying a romantic dinner for two by the fireplace?
plaid winter wedding ideas
{via ruffled}
or, for the more adventurous and spontaneous among you, why not put together a pale pink, 60′s vintage ensemble & run off to the chapel with your sweetheart to elope? 
Valentine's Day elopement inspiration
{via 100 layer cake}
rather decorate with pale pink for a valentine’s day party than wear it for a surprise wedding? 
{via snippet & ink}
or maybe you get engaged this valentine’s {fingers crossed for those of you hoping for that!} and want to plan a sparkly wedding bash on your one-year-engagement anniversary next valentine’s day?
pssst… make sure to click the image so you can check out the bride’s super creative, instagram-inspired seating assignments! 
{via green wedding shoes}
or maybe you’re a mom looking for cute valentines to send your kid to school with? pssst… there’s a link to a free pdf printable of the graphic on the bag if you click the image!

{via twig and thistle}
send your sweetie to work or school with a bagged lunch that literally says how much you care: 
48 Naturally Sweet Fruit Stickers - Food Safe
{via etsy}
too far away from your love to spend valentine’s with him or her? send an old-fashioned {yet interactive!} note like: 
{via oh hello friend}
or just grab some nifty valentine’s day notecards to let your special someone know you care:
{via modcloth}

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