Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

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Look closely at the ladies pictured here and find the one that most closely fits your own shape. Or take this quiz located at http://face-shape.com/ This post is meant to be a loose guideline... The “rules” are never set in stone, so just remember to go with what you love!! But here are a few basic rules of thumb when it comes to picking the perfect wedding hair for your face shape.

faceshape.001 Oval. I hate to gloat, but we oval shaped faces can pretty much pull off anything.  Slicked back buns, messy braids, elegant french twists... You can usually part your hair anyway and bangs or no bangs you are still very proportioned... Lucky dogs.

faceshape.002 Heart. For the ladies with the lovely heart shaped face remember that your style should be all about minimizing your forehead to better balance your thinner chin. Some sort of bang is generally going to be your friend. You want to avoid any tight slicked back look which can draw a lot of attention to the forehead. Creating volume in the updo is also really important, also having a few pieces framing the face also helps bring focus to your eyes.

faceshape.003 Square. The square kids are going to want to stay far- far away from tightly pulled back looks. Think thin wispy bangs or even a rad side swept bang. Adding height to your do will also take away from the boxiness of your face... Also curly looks generally work best, you don’t ever want your hair flat on your face. Lots of body!

faceshape.004 Round. 3 words for my round girls. SIDE. SWEPT. BANGS. These, my darlings, are your bestest best friends. The side swept bang takes the emphasis off the roundness of your face and help elongate your visage. Adding height to your updos will also make your face seem longer. Long hair is good for this shape and stay away from looks that create too much volume around the sides of your face making it look... well, more round.

Face Shape Quick Tips

*oval = just about anything

*heart = light wispy bangs and volume

*square = volume and curls

*round = all about the side swept bang


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