Monday, April 1, 2013

{inspiration board} MONDAY :: MGE's new direction!

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we here at mge are in love - truly, deeply, madly {get the savage garden reference? any other 90's kids out there?} in love - with the following inspiration board images. after slaving over it this past month, we are finally ready to unveil the fantastic images that have influenced our new brand.


how fabulous is the keg arch?! celebrate your i-do's with a sip of craft beer in lieu of the traditional kiss for good luck. if you're really serious about your commitment to one another, go the extra mile and do tequila shots instead.
the ultimate in custom wedding outfits - i am especially in love with the personalized booty "wifey" designation. could it get any cuter?! 
       Tacky Weddings
being in the deep south, we do tend to get quite a few grooms who love hunting. why not bring your passion into your wedding? grooms deserve to incorporate their favorite things into the ceremony too, y'all! 


the latest trend for your wedding photos? make yourself look miniature & your groom look like a giant! the perspective involved in this shot is an artistic masterpiece. who wouldn't want this printed on canvas and hanging above their fireplace?

from the dress {LOVE that bustle! and the shoulder bow - to die for} to the flowing bouquet, this bride gets it right.

you cannot tell me that this is not the most impressive cake table you have ever seen. i simply would not believe you. now will someone please allow us to create this look for their reception STAT?! 


april fools!
i hope this helped get your monday off to a fun start;)



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