Thursday, April 11, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: sangria.

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ladies & gentlemen,

phew. it's hot outside here in savannah! i'm feeling quite parched. what better than a nice homemade... 


to quench my thirst? 

colorful, completely customizable with your favorite fresh, seasonal fruits, and seriously refreshing during a hot southern day, sangria is the perfect option for a spring or summer bride's signature drink. 

{via my recipes}

i love the presentation of sangria at cocktail hour alongside mason jars filled with salad!
{via this site}

isn't the fruit just gorgeous all on its own?
{via this site}

serve a red version alongside a white to give guests options. whether you choose to have glasses poured by a bartender, passed during cocktail hour, or allow guests to serve themselves via oversized glass drinking containers, sangria is sure to be a hit at any warm weather reception!



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