Thursday, April 25, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: getting ready edition: bridesmaids.

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perhaps one of the best parts of your wedding day is the time when it's just you and your favorite girlfriends and female family members. maybe you choose to start your day off with a big breakfast, a group yoga class {like our recent newlywed heather did!}, or just sipping on coffee and munching on fruit while you and your ladies get your makeup done. 

either way, most bridal parties like to indulge in a little celebratory drinking at some point during the get-ready process. 

with that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started:

a mimosa bar
{via this link}

mimosas are perhaps the signature celebratory drink for brides on the morning of their wedding. not only are they traditional {champagne - hello!} but they are endlessly customizable if served with an assortment of freshly-squeezed juices. they also pack a bit less of an alcoholic punch if you are not trying to get tipsy prior to your walk down the aisle;) 

a bloody mary bar
{via food and wine}

mmm, the bloody mary! this is for the bride and her maids who prefer veggies to fruit, savory to sweet, and who don't mind a little vodka before 5pm. these bars can be equally as fun as a mimosa bar but in their own way - think different types of olives, gourmet hot sauces {sriracha!}, and other fun garnishes. it's also particularly excellent if you infuse your own vodka with garlic/shallots/olives and use that when making your bloody mary.

an irish coffee bar
{via this link}

now, this may not appeal to those of you who are saying your vows on a hot summer {or spring or fall if you're in savannah - yikes} day. however, for those of us who love our caffeine {ahem} this is an excellent option. whether you choose to spike yours the traditional way {bourbon, jameson, bailey's} or opt for a twist {vanilla vodka and bailey's, perhaps?} this is sure to start your day off right. even better: serve it all up in a cute personalized cup {maybe a bridesmaid's gift?} and a yummy donut-hole stirrer as pictured above!

next week, i'll discuss groomsmen-specific celebratory libations - be sure to check in!



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