Thursday, April 4, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: absinthe.

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dearest readers,

do you guys ever have one of those days where you wake up with a headache only to find 37 new e-mails crowding your inbox, your puppy with a bloody yet inexplicable scratch on his nose {to go to the vet or not to go to the vet?}, and a to-do list that rivals santa's naughty or nice scroll?

and when you go to your favorite little cafe to tackle said to-do list, you find yourself in the only open seat -- which is unfortunately alongside someone who goes to a certain local university and is apparently too hip to shower -- sipping a much-too-sweet chai latte {why did i not order a double espresso like i usually do? why do i ever think it's a good idea to veer from my routine?} as you are serenaded by the screeching wails of the seven-month-old baby that a hapless nanny decided to bring into said tiny cafe?

for me, today is one of those days.

imagine my joy, then, when i realized that it is {thirsty} thursday and i ergo have an excuse to troll the interwebs in search of the perfect drink recipe to get us all through the weekend 
{and perhaps serve at a wedding or two!} 

let's talk about absinthe.

{via google images}


the drink of vincent van gogh, ernest hemingway, and a score of other famous people need not be relegated to history! 

the green fairy makes a beautiful and unique presentation, particularly if served the old fashioned way wherein one pours iced water over a sugar cube that has been placed in a special slotted spoon atop a glass containing a shot of good-quality absinthe. 

{via google images}

it is also a decidedly french drink for those of your francophiles planning a parisian-inspired event, or for a wedding whose design touched reflect you and your beloved's shared love of great literature. 

while authentic absinthe does contain a psychoactive ingredient {hence its reputation as an alcohol with drug-like effects}, it is highly regulated and comprises a small percentage of the drink itself. you would need to drink quite a bit of absinthe {which is not recommended as it is 70 proof} to feel any effects. 

{sweet fennel}                            {green anise}                           {wormwood}

if you do decide to incorporate this historical libation into your wedding celebration, i think it would be lovely to tie in the above images of the plants that comprise absinthe's main ingredients! 

perhaps prop up print-outs of the image in frames on the bar? 

tie to individually packaged sugar cubes {from savannah's paris market!} and a slotted absinthe spoon with instructions on traditional preparation? 

individual sugar cubes
{image via the paris market's facebook page}

the options are endless! 

so, what do y'all think? would you consider making absinthe part of your big day? let me know in the comments!

please have a better day than i am!



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