Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: calculating the alcohol needed for your wedding.

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dear readers, 

today i bring you the fantastic tip of how to calculate the amount of alcohol you will need for your wedding. while all of you are assuredly not so lucky as to have the option of bringing in your own alcohol, at least some of you must have that pleasure. 

 {vodka mint lemonade, left, via here and strawberry pimm's cup, right, via here}

{beer chart of all the beers in the world - gasp! - via here; red wine image via here}

moreover, this guide assists in planning the everyday gathering for which you will likewise need to calculate alcohol requirements - say, a birthday or retirement celebration. ergo, even if you cannot {sadly} make use of it for your wedding, this will come in handy at some point! 

so what are you waiting for? click on over & check it out!

have a beautiful tuesday, y'all. 



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