Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: glam dresses, meet the outdoors.

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i was inspired to write this post after seeing what felt like a zillion real wedding posts around the blog world this week that featured brides in voluminous, glam, and drop-dead-gorgeous dresses.

you may remember our dear bridget, whose wedding i featured in a few other posts this week:

{venue: monterey square // gown: vera wang "holly" \\ photographer: lacey for scobey photography}
now, i fell in love with her gown. isn't it beautiful?
it also got me to thinking: there seems to be a general feeling amongst brides today that if you have an outdoor wedding, or are not in a formal church setting, you shouldn't go with your dream princess gown.
{via green wedding shoes}

however, as this bride and the ones who follow prove, you can have a gown that exudes the drama you crave even if you also have your heart set on an outdoor soiree!

{via southern weddings}

now, tulle certainly isn't for every girl, but if you're the type to fancy a little frothy fabric, i know you will adore the above vera wang stunner!
 {via ruffled}

i cannot get over how beautifully full this gown is - it was even prettier outside at this couple's romantic winery wedding!

ladies, please don't feel confined when it comes to your gown choices after you have chosen a venue. granted, a ballgown at the beach may be a bit tricky to navigate, but if it's what makes your skirt fly up {pioneer woman reference, anyone?} and you find it comfy - i say go for it.

comments, questions, concerns? let me know per usual, and have a fantastic rest of your week!



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