Monday, July 8, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: swizzle sticks & prettying-up your cocktails!

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hey there, lovely ladies and gents! 

i hope you all had a well-rested and festive weekend. it's time for another {make it your own} MONDAY and i've decided it would be nice to talk about the little things you can do to add a flair of personality to your wedding without breaking the bank. 

one of my favorite ideas is to make {or order via etsy} custom cocktail stirrers and station them at the bar so guests can adorn {and stir!} their drinks. 

{via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

a pretty blossom in your color palette will put a spring in any guest's step & brighten any cocktail!

{via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

this would be perfect for a fourth of july or new year's eve soiree - just like a sparkler sans the fire hazard!

{via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

playful crystals are reminiscent of rock candy... mmm!

{via 100 layer cake}

choose fabric in your colors to make this work for your celebration!

{via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

simply knotted ribbon is perfect for the preppy bride.

 {via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

how fun that guests can write messages {or tag their drinks} with mini-chalkboards!

{via 100 layer cake}

this is fantastically girly and would be the perfect addition to a bridal shower or luncheon.

{via pinterest}

i adore these ombre clay beads - simply glue onto a stick & they're ready to add a pop of color to your mod event!

 {via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

cute and easy, these little sparkle balls would work particularly well at a bachelorette party.

{via etsy}

customize flags with a favorite celebratory saying or just your names and wedding date.

 {via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

add some pizzazz to your bloody mary - wrap the toothpicks in thread that matches your colors! this particular style would be best for a desert-inspired or artsy party.

{via practically polished}

i don't know exactly from where the little-gold-animal trend originated, but i heart it. these are too fun!

 {via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

you can't go wrong with sparkly, festive flag stirrers!

 {via a beautiful mess // pinterest}

sooo easy and cute, these little tissue paper flags will be a hit on any occasion!

{via domestikated life}

caveat: i am not feeling the colors/patterns here. not at all. HOWEVER, the idea is adorable - just choose textured papers in your colors {please no brown polka dots and purple gingham checks} & prepare to have your guests squee-ing over the results!

{via a kiss of color // pinterest}

this post simply wouldn't be complete without mentioning feathers. though these may remind some of mini-feather dusters {which is admittedly kind of awesome}, i could see these in darker shades - maybe emerald green and a deep plum? - adding drama to drinks at a sultry soiree. 

phew. that was quite a bit, wasn't it? 

hopefully you found some inspiration for your own bar!

if you're intimidated by the scope of such a project, fear not: host a dit {do-it-together} party with your bridesmaids & you'll be amazed by how much time it doesn't take.

so far as deciding how many cocktail sticks to make, i would suggest between one and one-and-a-half sticks per guest. the novelty will wear off after a while, and not all of your guests will be drinking stirrable cocktails anyway {hello, beer-and-wine drinkers... and certain men who refuse to carry drinks adorned with cute stirrers!}

get to craftin', y'all!

have a fabulous rest of your day.



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