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{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: making your destination wedding a weekend event.

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hey there, ladies & gents! 

so you're having a destination wedding - congrats! whether you'll be playing host to hordes of out-of-town family and friends in you and your spouse-to-be's current city or traveling en masse to an exotic locale to say your vows, you are likely not among the lucky {?} couples who get to see their friends and family very often. 

{photo: jade and matthew // venue: ford plantation, savannah, ga \\ coordination: alysse @ mge}

enter the wedding weekend, your solution to our brides' and grooms' most common complaint. 

{photo: jade and matthew // venue: ford plantation, savannah, ga \\ coordination: alysse @ mge}

what's that complaint, you ask? that the reception flew by in a blur and they didn't have nearly enough time to spend with their dear friends and family who flew in or drove a long distance just for the wedding. it is only a handful of hours, after all - if your ceremony is at 5pm, cocktail hour is from 5:30-6:30pm {during which time you all are generally whisked away to take pictures anyway}, and the reception is typically from 6:30-11:30pm {if you're lucky and your venue doesn't kick you out at 10pm}. 

{photo: jade and matthew // cake: tier luxury \\ coordination: alysse @ mge}

that gives you, at best, approximately five hours to enjoy all of the delicious food you paid for, dance to the awesome band or dj that you hired, and find time to greet all of your guests. if you only spend half an hour eating and half an hour on all of the traditional toasts, plus fifteen minutes on first dances, fifteen minutes on cake cutting - that cuts it down to just three and a half hours for socializing! if you have 100 guests, that's just two minutes you have to spend with each person. 

{photo: jade and matthew // coordination: alysse @ mge}

you don't want the only memory of guests at your wedding to be their signing of your guestbook {like the cute framed version above;)} - yikes. 

{photo: jade and matthew // venue: ford plantation, savannah, ga \\ coordination: alysse @ mge}

so, here's what you do.

{abbreviated version}

on friday, host a welcome party {after, or in conjunction with, your rehearsal dinner, of course!}

on saturday morning {your wedding day! eek!}, host a drop-in style breakfast and possibly some fun group activities for your guests to get to know each other while you're getting pretty {or, if you aren't much for tons of hair and makeup, you can partake in the fun as well}. that evening is obviously your wedding ceremony + reception, so that's covered. 

on sunday morning, a lovely gesture is to host a farewell brunch. this could be as simple as providing bagels & cream cheese, a make-your-own parfait bar and coffee or tea or as involved as having it catered by your favorite local restaurant. 

{photo: jade and matthew // venue: ford plantation, savannah, ga \\ coordination: alysse @ mge}

sound like a plan? 

it does to me!

check out this article from one of my new favorite wedding websites for an even more in-depth explanation of how to do a wedding weekend right, as well as real-life experiences from past brides related in the comments section. 

and, pssst! did you like the photos in this post? first, thank jade and matthew. they're awesome. second, check out the knot: savannah magazine to get the full scoop and see even more! 

we here at mge are tickled pink to have one of our favorite weddings featured in a five-page spread in the most recent edition. 

as always, have a beautiful day! 



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