Monday, July 29, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: pressed cotton.

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hi there, y'all!

i hope your week is getting off to a fabulous start. i'm still a bit fuzzy from my overly indulgent weekend in charleston {if you ever go, please please please visit mccrady's and have the lady killer - it is honestly the best drink i've ever had in my life. we'll discuss this more on thursday, don't worry;)}.

however, i have quite the resource website to share with you all today: 

{pressed cotton}

these guys have some seriously cute stuff that you can use at your wedding to give your decor a unique twist and then turn around to make your home look beautiful, too! what's not to love about that?

here's a small sampling of a few of my favorites:

these pillows are too sweet. i adore them as accent pillows for a reception lounge area and as pillows for your marriage bed! 

these blueprint table numbers make me think of a particular architect couple whose wedding we coordinated last year. they chose to use old maps in their decor, but blueprints would be so sweet too! you could reuse these in an edgy wall display at home after the wedding - add a frame {maybe a floating glass one?} and voila

a bud vase that doubles as a table number holder? sign me up! these would get a ton of use after the wedding on your dining room table, or even hung up on your walls. love love love!

seed packet escort card favors are a lovely gesture that are both practical and environmentally-friendly. these are a more cost-effective, transportable version of the "plant a sapling in honor of the bride and groom" trend, which is sweet but sadly not usually a big hit among the raucous reception crowd. drunk folk are generally averse to transporting mini pine trees around with them after the reception - who'd have thought?

and last but not least: soapstone chalk! soapstone is sturdier and more durable than your typical crayola or roseart chalk, making it perfect for decorating some of the beautiful slate and chalkboard products that pressed cotton also carries. 

so what do y'all think? do you have any favorites of your own on their site besides the ones i've featured here? let me know in the comments!

have a beautiful monday;)



*sadly, this was in no way a sponsored post and pressed cotton has no idea who i am or why i am hawking their wares to our readers. i simply featured them because i adore their products and want to spread the good news to all of you lovely folks ;) 

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