Monday, July 15, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: the guest book quilt.

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hey there, y'all! 

today's post was inspired by the beautiful photography of the very talented lacey for scobey photography, whose gorgeous work so fantastically captured bridget and mychal's wedding this past may. 

bridget and mychal chose to do a guest book quilt rather than the traditional book style. how does this work, you ask? 

{photography by lacey for scobey photography}


provide guests with various colored and patterned fabric squares as well as a good fabric pen. bridget chose shades of pink and gray {i particularly loved the pink with white polka dots!} and an easy-to-read black pen.

{photography by lacey for scobey photography}

some sort of instruction is excellent - that way guests know what they're signing! bridget was also lucky enough to have helpful hostesses on hand to explain the process if necessary. 

note that it's also helpful to have a family member who both knows how to sew and is willing to help you out - bridget's sweet mom fit the bill perfectly!

{photography by lacey for scobey photography // florals by julie at garden on the square \\ lace runner by korrie at couture tailoring}

and VOILA! 

pretty flowers. 

{yes, i get easily distracted. and yes, i really wanted to share the prettiness of her table arrangements. so sue me.}

a quilt guestbook is different, sweet and sentimental. it's also something you will be able to use in a practical sense - who can't use an extra quilt on a cold day? - as well as preserve forever. 

thoughts? comments? questions? let me know!



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