Monday, July 22, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: shoes.

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i have had some serious computer troubles recently. from my iphone auto-correcting facebook posts {apparently up-lit = uplift in iphone's book... interesting} to said facebook posts apparently appearing schizophrenic to the internet failing me horribly today {this post has been near-posted approximately seven and three-quarter times today. true story.}, i'm a technologically-challenged mess. 

HOWEVER, all is not lost as i have a subject to discuss tonight that just about all of you dear readers should find utterly riveting: shoes. 

yes, after last week's post about dresses in outdoor settings, i was inspired to share with you all a way to design your own shoes - how much more unique could you get? 

i present to you: milk and honey. 

milk and honey is a fantastic site that allows you to choose the material, height, type, color and size of your shoe as well as a number of cool add-ons {i.e., cut-outs, t-straps, pointy toes, peep toes, knots, bows - you name it!}.

a few of my faves...

now, i myself am quite partial to glitter. milk and honey offers two types of glitter material: one is a true glitter-y glitter while the other is a glittery leather. 

i. love. polka dots. seriously. i particularly love this little number - just the right amount of height in the platform, a 1940's peep toe/knot combination, and all in a hot red? AMAZING. 

shiny blue oversized bow on a modest slingback? i can get behind that. 

the nice thing about these is they are flat {duh}, making them easier to walk in than heels for an outdoor ceremony or ladies who generally dislike elevated footwear. they are also, i'll have you know, made with a shimmery leather material - fab!

sometimes i really wish i were edgy. if i were cooler and into being more of a punk rock princess {than, well... a princess?}, you can bet your bottom dollar i'd rock these beauties with my wedding gown!

to be honest with you, i don't even like these shoes. i dislike neon, and i think the straps of the sandal are far too thick. however, this isn't necessarily a list of jennifer's favorite things so much as it is a post showing the vast range of shoe choices this site offers. so, there you have it: neon yellow, strappy flats.

these lovely little t-straps, on the other hand - these i could get behind! i really love the bright orange and orange/red. these would be perfect at a citrus orchard wedding in california. {clearly add-induced daydreaming is going on over here... don't mind me!}. 

while custom-designed shoes are obviously the perfect way to {make it your own}, they would also make fabulous bridesmaid gifts for your favorite ladies-in-waiting to wear on your wedding day. 

thoughts? concerns? questions? let me know in the comments!

have a beautiful day, ladies + gents ;)



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