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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ask Morgan: What are a Maid of Honor’s long distance duties???

Question: I am the maid of honor at my girlfriends wedding...I am in TX she is in NC. All of the bridesmaid are coming from different states...she only has one local bridesmaid. I want to know what my role is and how do I plan anything this far .... we all have been asked to be in the area the Thursday prior to it only give me one night since Friday is all wedding related. –Long Distant Bridesmaid

0435_sam_tylerAnswer: I can relate to this on a personal and professional level! I do find a number of our clients and their bridal parties face this obstacle as well. Just as you can plan a trip across the country with never being or visiting that location before, you can contribute and plan things for your girlfriend with the help of the internet, local friends/bridesmaids, family and believe it or not…the bride.

Before I tell you how to be a great maid of honor from another state, there are a few things that go without saying that you need to keep in mind. The main purpose of bridal party members is to offer strong emotional support and an understanding shoulder. Above all else, you must be there emotionally…and that might be enough for her!

The first thing I would do is talk with the bride. Find out what she expects from you in terms of responsibilities and realistic expectations. If she is realistic, then she will understand how hard it is going to be for you being as hands on with the process as you could have been as if you were there with her. Hopefully she has a wedding planner that will help her with the wedding details and planning in NC. If she doesn't, you might want to offer that you can help her with phone calls or researching vendors from where you are. Luckily with the help of email and internet you can do wonders with or for her.

Secondly, talk with the bridesmaid that is close by the bride in NC. Even though she isn't the maid of honor, she has been asked to be in the bridal party and also has some responsibilities prior to the wedding. Why not ask her to see what she can help with and communicate with you on duties and progress?

Third, you are still responsible for planning a shower/bachelorette party at the very least. With that said, try to plan a weekend you can all meet prior to the wedding. Maybe meet half way if you cannot make it all the way to her. Get in touch with the family, bridal party and friends and see what works best for them. They can help you find locations and firm up details prior to the party with your direction. If you cannot meet prior to the wedding, then you will have to settle and plan for the next best thing…do it the night you arrive in town for the wedding. You said Thursday right? So plan something for Thursday night or Friday afternoon. Keeping in mind you have a rehearsal and some last minute details to pull together on Friday…so no late night drinking and craziness! You owe it to her to host something! After all, you have a great honor of standing up with her as her right hand lady!

Fourth, if you feel bad about not being able to help and realize that the other bridesmaid in the same area is unwilling or unable, why not chip in with friends and family and gift her the help from a wedding planner? You would be surprised the amount of work removed from your and her plate with the help of a professional.

I hope that helps!!!


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Photo by Turtle Hill Photography

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to have the most rocking bridal registry. Part 2.

Now as you may now know, I rocked as a Bridal Consultant for Bed, Bath, and Beyond for years!!! Yes, years! And surprisingly I still shop there... and I still like weddings. I wanted to clear up some things and help you out with your own registry because I know it can be terrifying and overwhelming... not here! Today we are going to discuss what you should be registering for...

What to Register For:

registry2.001Now, I don’t want to say go crazy, but go crazy!!! I would pick out 3-4 things for each guest and that can add up! You don’t want anyone to be left without a gift, trust me your guests like having that list! I would say get the stuff you want and need first, new cookware, knives, kitchen gadgets, kitchen appliances...and if you already own lots of stuff think of upgrading! You would be absolutely shocked how much people spend! But I think when registering for expensive sets of cookware or knives, you should register for the set and for the individual separate pieces, so that if a guest wants to buy a single piece they will have the opportunity. Don’t forget the boring stuff like baking sheets, muffin tins, loaf pans, peeler, can opener, etc... it stinks when you realize hey, I need that!! Oh and whatever you do, get a salad spinner they are genius! Also, don’t be afraid to register for things like pillows and comforters, people will buy them! People buy the weirdest freaking things! I can’t stress that enough!

You can check out Triple B’s website for an awesome list to guide you while registering.  This list is a bit overwhelming, but it always helps to have guidelines. If that list makes you bust out into hives, try writing your own using it as a guideline. And yes, the quantities are freaking insane!!!

My quick list of realistic quantities:

registry2.002All Dinnerware(this applies to linens, stemware, and flatware): At least 6, 8 is ideal... if you entertain a bunch then 10

Bedding: I would only ask for 2 pillows, 1 comforter, 2 separate sets of sheets, and perhapsregistry2.003 1 throw blanket.

Bathroom: Okay, you do not need any bath-sheets they cost an exorbitant amount of money and will only be purchased if you are a rich kid. I would say 6 is an appropriate number for towel sets, but 4 is the absolute minimum. Trust me you will wish you had more.

China or No?

As a former bridal consultant, I would say everyone needs china, but the truth is you don’t, but if you think that you are ever going to want it ever... than register for it! You are never going to want to shell out the thousands of dollars to buy it yourself! The advantage to buying bone china is that it is freaking durable, seriously, this stuff is strong and it technically should last you a really long time. I am a fan of buying suuuuper simple patterns that are dishwasher safe. Yes, they make china that can go in the dishwasher! Sweet!!!! Now, if you don’t get china, at least register for a nice set of dishes, that will last you. Try a stoneware or earthenware that is dishwasher and microwave safe. I am a fan of white plates! I have two sets, round and square... and it’s true I have never used my china ;) maybe one day.

Other Options: If you are really against a registry you can set up a website where people can donate towards your future home, honeymoon, wedding expenses or whatever...Check out Morgan’s post a while back on What to get the wedding couple that has everything If you don’t want gifts at all, set up a site so that guests can donate to your favorite charity...but know Great Aunt Sarah is still going to buy you an ugly crystal vase.

I hope these posts have helped in some little way because I really do understand how overwhelming this process can be. Try and enjoy yourself! Presents are fun ;)


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BuzzNet Tags: bridal registries,macys,target,bed bath and beyond,walmart,tiffany and co.,crate and barrel,williams and sanoma,wedding registry,wedding registries,how to registar,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner,hilton head wedding,hilton head wedding planner,MG Events

Monday, March 29, 2010

How to have the most rocking bridal registry. Part 1.

registryshops.001 Now, if some of you recall, I worked at a snotty bridal salon for a while, but some of you may not know, I also spent nearly 3 years in college working as a bridal consultant for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Retail Nightmare, but I actually loved working with couples! It really was fun, I felt like I was helping these people find the stuff that would help them start a life together. Now, if you are like me, while presents are amazing, you feel a little like a dirtbag asking for stuff... but TRUST me, if you don’t register somewhere you will end up with a mountain of crap you can’t use or return!! So over the next two blogs, I am going to share my important tips and and just some helpful info to help make registering a breeze. Today we are working with the when, where, and who...

Where to Register:

registryshops.002 My faves are Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, Williams -Sonoma, and if you are feeling really fancy Tiffany’s. Personally, I thinks it’s outdated, but if you are a Rockefeller you probably should. Stores like Triple B and Macy’s have a nice advantage because they are freaking everywhere, plus, they have just about everything you could possibly need for your home! You can do Target or Walmart, but I think BBB and Macy’s are similar in price and feel much more special. I like BBB because they send out coupons often and here’s the kicker... if you get multiples or decide you don’t want something, if it’s on your registry you can return it for CASH! Sorry, that sounds greedy, but it really is a sweet deal. I’ve never heard of any other store doing that. Plus, they keep your information for two years so people can still reference it for holidays and whatnot after. I am so plugging Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Macy’s is another great option for all of the little things and I swear the entire store is constantly on sale! So that’s a major bonus for your guests!!! I also love Crate and Barrel because it just has the most interesting kitchen and home stuff at really reasonable prices. Plus, gift cards there could go towards much larger purchases like furniture. My only beef with them is that trendy or seasonal inventory constantly changes, so if you register too far in advance, you may have to update if things become discontinued. Williams-Sonoma has the same feel as Crate and Barrel, but to me is a bit more upscale... prices tend to be a bit higher, but are generally competitive on appliances and small kitchen what-nots. I would keep the number of stores you register at to three, two being ideal.

When to Register:

It’s a good idea to register around the same time you send out save the dates because people will start shopping then, roughly 6 months before, any earlier and you may have to deal with products no longer being available. Although, most stores will notify you by phone/email if something you have registered for is low in stock or being discontinued.

If you don’t want to deal with crowds head out on a week night, the crowds are much lighter and the store should be open until at least 9, if not later. If you have to register on the weekends get to the store early! Like as soon as the store opens early. Beware if you hit the store up right after lunch on a weekend, there are only so many scanner guns and employees so you risk waiting. No matter when you go, my best advice is DON’T go hungry! That is one of the biggest things, grooms whining about being hungry, so make sure you and your man are fed. Trust me, you don’t want to draw this process out, but remember, you can also add/delete things online at anytime. Side note: I wouldn’t register completely online because it’s hard to really know what you are getting. I think that you should hold the stuff in your hands and make sure you are cool with using it for the next couple of years.

Who to Register with:

Personally, I had loads of fun with my hubby picking out all of our stuff! But seriously, some of the fiancés I dealt with were JERKS!!! Like the kind of jerks where you wonder why they are getting married in the first place. Any who, if the fiancé isn’t up for it bring your momma or a trusted friend with your same taste. If you bring someone with totally opposite taste you are going to have a looooong day. If you and the future hubby don’t always see eye to eye, let the consultant come around with you, trust me, they know what they are doing! They train in every department and should be able to give you knowledgeable information about everything, they can also help act as a mediator. And if you don’t want the help, just politely let them know you prefer to register alone. No reason to be snotty, got it bridezilla?

So that’s just a wee bit of knowledge I have picked up over my time as a consultant. I will be back soon with part 2. What to register for!?

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43 Things Tags: bridal registries,macys,target,bed bath and beyond,walmart,tiffany and co.,crate and barrel,williams and sanoma,wedding registry,wedding registries,how to registar,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner,hilton head wedding,hilton head wedding planner,MG Events

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Alysse- A Savannah Wedding Coordinator and Designer for MG Events!

Alysse MG Events Hi All! My name is Alysse Sweeney and I am a northern gal but a southern belle at heart! I was born and raised in New Jersey and have now lived in Savannah for four years. At this point in my life, I have a obtained a couple of degrees. I have a B.S. in Arts Administration from Wagner College in Staten Island, NY (one of the boroughs of New York City), and a B.A. in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I am presently working on my M.F.A. in interior design also at SCAD and am loving every moment of it.

The thing I enjoy most about interior design is creating environments that best satisfy the users needs. My design aesthetic includes a mix of modern and traditional as well as using a variety of layers and textures. I look forward to using my design skills to make every wedding as dynamic as possible.

When I am not in school, I love walking around downtown with my black lab Sally. She is about 9 years old now and quite the people person! Savannah is such a great city to take in wonderful historic architecture and I am sure Sally wishes we did it more often than not! Believe me that I also love many of the modern things Savannah has to offer…especially the restaurants. If you ever need any suggestions of where to go or what to do in Savannah I am your gal! I also love to bake (and can make some pretty yummy things if I have to say so myself). And everyone look out because I just got my Kitchen Aid counter top mixer and there will be no stopping me now! On the other side of spectrum, I have a little bit of athlete in me. I played college golf at a Division I school and still play recreationally to this day. And you better believe that I carry my pink plaid golf bag with pride!

I have named this year my “year of travel”. I can’t wait to explore many different cities and discover everything they have to offer. So far this year, my cities have included, St. Augustine, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana to name a few.


Walks with my dog, a warm breeze while taking a nap, cupcakes, pedicures, golf, blackberry mojitos, entertaining friends at my house, monogrammed anything, searsucker, green design, flip flops, palm trees, furniture that has a mix of modern and traditional elements, spending time with my family, fresh cut flowers, sterling silver jewelry, nice dinners, snow in unexpected places, dunkin donuts coffee (light and sweet), massages, cuddling with my dog, white down comforters, Vera Bradley, Long, leisurely lunches, brunch, boat rides, sunsets, toile, white and black damask, reading my horoscope, fishing, watching sunday golf, crime scene shows, and candles.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a bit and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to meet and design with each and every one of you!


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Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Holly- A Savannah Wedding Coordinator with MG Events

Holly MG Events

A little bit about me: I grew up in White Plains, GA, a town of about 400 people. I attended Georgia Southern University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing in 2008. After college, I moved to Savannah, GA and had the wonderful opportunity to join the staff of MG Events and learn the fulfilling task of wedding planning. Being a part of transforming a space to a beautiful reception area is so exhilarating and I love the reaction of the couple when they see it for the first time. It is the best reward for all of our hard work.

Growing up in a small country town, you learn to appreciate all the little things in life, which is what I love most about my job as a Savannah wedding coordinator. The way a man looks at his future wife, their first dance, and the way they make each other laugh are the things I cherish most about each wedding we plan. Just seeing the innocent love a couple shares makes every detail planned worth it.

Aside from wedding coordinating, I also love to go to the beach and play tennis. I like to be surrounded by friends and try to make the most out of life. I never like to be bored so I will always find something to occupy my time. Life is too short to waste a minute.

Hope to work with you in the future and be a part of your most special day!



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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Kacie-A Savannah Coordinator with MG Events


Hi! My name is Kacie Whigham and I'm a born and raised southern belle with a sweet spot for the city.

I'm a senior public relations major and business minor at Georgia Southern University. You may have seen me a couple posts before, because yes I'm engaged! My fiancé is a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and was recently stationed at Fort Stewart. So, once I graduate this May (yes I'm counting down the days!), I'm looking forward to the house search in the Savannah area. When I was young, I lived right outside of Charleston, SC and later moved to Johns Creek, GA, where I spent my teen years growing up. Being the stubborn person I am, I spent my first semester in College at the College of Charleston, (because I didn't look anywhere else).  I ended up transferring out of Charleston and into Georgia Southern and loved it! Don't get me wrong, I loved Charleston, but Savannah is where I'm meant to be!

0057My mom will  tell you I first started event planning when I was a little girl and I always wanted to throw a party EVERY holiday. But once I found out the job actually existed my freshmen year in college, there was no stopping me. Family means everything to me, I am very close to mine. My parents live right outside of Athens, GA and visit often. I have two older brothers, one is a director in New York(who is also engaged!) and the other lives in Suwanee, GA.  I love visiting my brother in NY every chance I get. Remember, sweet spot for the city. And yes, I am the baby and the only girl.. I'll let you draw the conclusions. I am also a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi at GA Southern, where I have met 3 of my bridesmaids and been given so many opportunities to plan events.

In my spare time I love reading, although I hardly get to in my busy schedule. But that's who I am, I thrive on staying busy and organized. I've pretty much confirmed that I am a shopaholic and I have an obsession with purses. Chocolate and flowers make me smile and I love a warm sunny day when I can just sit on a park bench in Savannah and people watch. I LOVE honey and I have a phobia of Ketchup. Yes you heard me correctly. If you even put Ketchup in front of me, I'll probably move it (or get someone to move it), because I can't even stand the smell. Everything you put ketchup on... I put Honey on... Chicken nuggets, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. My mom thinks it's because she fed it to me as a baby. I'm a REALLY picky eater, so If I go on a tasting with you, I probably won't eat half the stuff, but that's okay, I know what other people like. My guilty pleasure is pizza with chocolate milk... by now your probably thinking okay this girl is weird!  But it's one of those salty/sweet things! I have to have my coffee in the morning, even when the doctor tells me its bad for me. I'm sure I have a thousand other quirks, but that would take all day.

I am looking forward to graduating in May! And I am excited to begin my career as an event planner and my life as a proud army wife.

To see inside of my daily life, follow me on twitter {MGEventsKacie}.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Ashley- A Lead Coordinator with MG Events

Ashley MG Events Hello hello! First things first, my name is Ashley Clements. I am the Lead Coordinator for MG Events and I have absolutely loved every minute (including the stressful ones!) of working for this amazing company. Morgan is extremely talented and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher or boss.

I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. Ok, ‘technically’ I was born in Jacksonville, FL but I moved to Savannah when I was just a few months old so same difference, right? The only time I actually admit to being born anywhere other than Savannah is when my parents start whining about how on earth I became a FLORIDA GATOR fan (yes, you heard me!). Then of course, I blame them for having me in Florida. :)

I am outgoing, adventurous and active. I am converting myself to a ‘runner’ and just completed my first half-marathon (without passing out even!). I love meeting new people and being exposed to new things. I love the natural beauty of the outdoors and will take any opportunity I get to enjoy it. I like to think I do my part to keep the earth green!
I attended college at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA where I obtained a B.B.A. in Finance, with an emphasis in marketing. I crunched numbers during the day and planned (and attended, of course!) any and every event I could find in my free time. I enjoyed non-profit work through my sorority, on-campus organizations such as the St. Jude’s Children’s Miracle Network Board and par-tay planning at the restaurant I worked at! I love the feeling I get when I see the final product come together and know that I had everything to do with it. I probably should have realized then that my passion was event planning and not number crunching at all! My absolute favorite part of event planning is the smile it puts on people’s faces. Whether it is a bride, the community leader of a nonprofit or just an attendee of an event, a smile says a million words and it’s the only thing I need to want to continue doing this forever.

In the summer of 2007, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and I’m pretty positive nothing has been the same since. I always loved traveling but Europe held the key to my wandering soul. :) I WANT TO SEE THE WORLD. I am in awe by people who can speak many languages and are well cultured on international affairs. I think I am decently cultured but I have so much more to see and learn. Yet another reason why I love what I do is the fact that I get to meet incredible people from all over with different world views, values and passions. I love that no two people ever have the same life story to tell, even when their lives are seemingly parallel. I do not believe in knowing strangers, nor do I ever want to.

Last but certainly not least, I am a dog lover—any and every breed! My black pug, Kenzie, is my baby girl. She is very spoiled and snores louder than any human I have ever personally witnessed and I wouldn’t have her any other way!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about me! I look forward to sharing in your wedding soon!

You can follow me on Twitter {MGEventsAshley}


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Morgan-The Owner and Founder of MG Events

Morgan Gallo MG Events

Hello World! My name is Morgan but everyone loves to call me “Mo”. You can call me friend, Confidant, Morgan, Ms. Wedding Planner, Mo, or Lifesaver! (I have been called all of the above) Unlike most of the girls that work for the company, I am not a “Savannahian” born, . I moved to Savannah in 2003 when my husband, who is a Signal Major in the US Army, was stationed at Fort Stewart. I hail from NY and I graduated with a communication and marketing major from UNC-Wilmington years ago. (I am not going to date myself!) I tried working in the real world shortly after doing some marketing and planning the companies events. I found solace and contentment when planning the events and frustration in the marketing aspects and so I decided that I was going to try my own hand at events which evolved into weddings. I started out with $1500, a new computer and printer to my name and that was 6 years ago! What can I say…I love my job! After you spend a year planning a couples wedding I cannot help but cry when I send my brides down the aisle. Call me mushy or call it cliché..but I do! Ask the girls. They make fun of me. My girls are amazing. I have surrounded myself and company with people that share the same drive and passion as I do.

Year after year, wedding after wedding, I learn something new and find a new reason to fall in love with my job over and over again! I fall in love when a groom sees his bride for the first time. I heart the last moments before I send a bride down the aisle when I tell her to take a deep breath and enjoy every minute and she smiles after we share a hug! My eyes tear up when a mother puts on her daughter’s jewelry and they share this unspoken conversation. My knees get weak when a bride’s father sees her for the first time and takes her hand to lead her down the aisle. I feel full of love when I see loved ones cry tears of happiness when a couple exchanges their vows. I become honored when we transform a blank space into the most important day of a couples life. I smile when I witness those intimate moments right after the couple walk down the aisle and share their first hug and words as the new Mr. and Mrs. Most of all, I cry like a baby, when I am thanked for all our hard work. I cannot express to you what it means to love what you do on a daily basis, but I can tell you that if I died tomorrow, I would be fulfilled knowing that I was able to be a part of the most memorable and happy day in a couples life…almost every weekend! What more can a sappy romantic girl ask for?

My advice I always give to my couples before they start the day:

“There will always be hiccups but my job is to make sure you don't find out about them. However, if you do, you cannot lose sight of the real reason for why you are here today. That is what is important. The rest you will laugh about later!” 


“This day will go by so quickly. Tomorrow it will seem like a distant memory. As my mother whispered in my ear shortly before I walked down the aisle, close your eyes and try to replay the exact moment in your mind as it is happening. It will be a night filled of memories you will not want to ever forget.”

xmas09Things I cannot live without: My amazing husband and sometimes wedding planning assistant “Tim” hahhaha, my Great Dane “Ole”, Chocolate Labs “Reale” and “Buster”, kitty-cat “Packard”, family, friends, Neutrogena makeup removers, Amaretto Sours and dark chocolate are my two favorite things to enjoy after a long day, my shoes (I have a bad shoe fetish), slippers because I never walk around without shoes, my computer and phone-even though I hate Verizon’s service, my IPOD, DVR-What did we ever do without this???, Olay Regenarist eye cream and moisturizer, my round brush to blow out my wavy hair, and most importantly my passport (though I have to get another one since the dog ate it-NO JOKE) because my husband and I love to travel. We have been to Italy, Spain, London, all over the Caribbean, France and Germany! Each year we try to disconnect from work for a week and take a well deserved trip. 

I cannot wait to sit down, talk about your life and your wedding and share a piece of my favorite chocolate torte from Lulu’s Chocolate Bar!

Want to know more…you can follow me on Twitter {savannahwed} or become a fan on Facebook {morgangalloevents}



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43 Things Tags: MG Events,Morgan Gallo Events,Morgan Gallo,Savannah Wedding,Savannah Weddings,Savannah Wedding Planner,Hilton Head Wedding,Jekyll Island Wedding,Wedding Planner,Event Designer,First Dance,Aisle,Bride,Groom

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet the MG Events Team-The Best Wedding Planners in Savannah and the Lowcountry!

Savannah Wedding Planner  {Pictured from left to right Alysse, Kacie, Morgan, Holly and Ashley}

Morgan Gallo Events, also known as MG Events, is a luxury wedding planning and event design firm that serves the Savannah and Lowcountry areas. We have been planning weddings for over 6 years and have over 10 years combined experience in the industry. We specialize in upscale weddings and our clients have discerning tastes when it comes to the   quality work, innovative designs, and want to benefit from the strong professional relationships we share with the industry. We feel it is just as important to create a personal relationship that in turn strengthens our business relationships with our clients. However, to do that I feel that it isn't enough to know just about the company, you should also know more about the talent behind the company.  So I asked the  ever amazing Allison Reisz Photography team to take our beautiful company photos and I thought it was the perfect time to share us with the world, clients, vendors and our blog readers!

So, for those of you that don't already know, MG Events is comprised of a brilliant team of individuals, all of which bring something essential and different to the company and to our ever important clients/friends. I like to think that we have a personality and style to fit everyone’s specific needs and wants. After all that is our philosophy!

And because I know you want to know more about us, each day this week I will highlight  each team member. You will see just what makes our clients fall in love with us and the company, and why I chose these girls to be a part of the MG Events team! Only the best for our clients! I couldn't leave out the best shot and one that really shows you why weddings and planners should be fun! These are my girls and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Savannah Wedding Planners(Even when they feel the need to kick the “boss” in the rear! Thanks Kacie)

Tomorrow you will meet ME!

Discover the Luxurious,



Alysse, Kacie, Holly &Ashley


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Friday, March 19, 2010

How to use the trends from the Oscars in your wedding.


oscarfashion.001Pretty, Flowy Fabrics: Chiffon is back in a big way! But it’s much cooler than the blah sugary princess non-sense of the past. Lots of interesting draping, beautiful bodices, or cha cha skirts. It’s cool to be breezy. For added interest look for gowns like Anna Kendrick’s, with little hints of lace. I think that is just the most beautiful touch. Or like with Demi Moore’s gown, look for tonal differences in the color, like a yellow ivory and a white ivory. If you wanna so off your hips and booty, than you can go the way of Elizabeth Banks. This is a great trend for spring and summer, so light and airy.

oscarfashion.002Stunning, Structured Bodices: This is not for the untrendy. While I don’t think it is that far out there, this is a look for a true fashionista, who wants to be a work of art rather than classic. The thing to be mindful of with this trend is to make sure it fits PERFECTLY across your tummy and hips. This looks isn’t good for ladies with ample chests... that cleavage would be out of control!!!! Well, unless you want to look like a burlesque dancer and maybe you do ;) I love how J.Lo’s dress has a slim silhouette while still having these weird architectural details. And if you aren’t ready for that severe shape, corsets are still in, check out Miley “why was she at the Oscars” Cyrus, who was totally rocking that bodice. The high waist of the skirt will fool everyone into thinking you have mile-high gams.

oscarfashion.003Fun Ways to Drape Fabric: I love fabric draping and it never gets old. It works on everyone, every shape, size, and age. I freaking am in love with this look. It does amazing things for your figure and really tricks the eye into giving you a perfect shape. I love trickery. Don’t rule out sleeves on your wedding day, look how amazing Meryl Streep looks!!? I love this look, the dip in the front balances the covered up sleeves. Then you have twilight cutie Kristen Stewart rocking draped fabric in an amazing body conscious gown and looking completely sexy.  Just use the draping to your benefit. Let it cover up what you don’t want shown and show off what you do!

*side note: Always remember that all of these trends overlap one another, so don’t be afraid to mix them up.

*side note: Asymmetry... Still Cool. All you have to do is check out funny ladies Queen Latifah and Tina Fey to see that one shoulder looks are here to stay. Love it.

oscarfashion.004*side note: Bridesmaids... All of these looks will translate perfectly to BM fashion and as far as color, for spring and summer, all variety of nudes and pretty metallics. For fall and winter, deep sexy red is the color dejour. Think like blood red. Also, earthy blues are in.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and forget an Oscar, your man is award enough for you... until he starts leaving his underwear and dirty socks everywhere... men!?


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unique and out of the box ideas for your wedding bouquet!

This day in age, there are so many innovative options for every aspect of your wedding. Your bridal bouquet is not an exception! Some brides are simply not “flower people” and that is okay…when you have a truly classy alternative. Take a look:image

Fantasy Floral Designs is the creator of these chic vintage brooch bouquets. Pricing begins at $300 but keep in mind, this bouquet lasts forever! Imagine having this to pass down to your children. Or take the individual pieces and make personalized jewelry for loved ones!

Want something completely out of the box and full of texture? Maybe you want to opt for one of these fabulous feather bouquets from EPLUME that start at $250.



What are some other ideas you have seen?

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From start to finish-Planning with MG Events-Buying the Dress

Buying your wedding dress may be one of the most important details of your wedding, and sometimes the most overwhelming. I did not know where to start, but Morgan Gallo Events had already taken care of that for me. Morgan personally set up two appointments for me: BleuBelle Bridal and David's Bridal. Not that we ever made it to the latter one, but that's just how this story goes.


You could easily say I was a little bit nervous about trying on my first dress, let alone walking into a store full of wedding dresses and expecting to come out with just one! Although I may have been little intimidated at first walking into BleuBelle Bridal Salon in Savannah, it only took a few minutes for me to settle in. Morgan had not only set up the appointment, she and Kacie came with me and my family. To my surprise, my consultant was none other than Heather, the owner of the store. She really is the best! She immediately began putting me at ease by asking me all kinds of questions (what was I looking for, where was my wedding, was there a theme, did I like a particular style or designer, etc). From this we began pulling dresses from the gorgeous selection of designers like Vera Wang, Nicole Miller, Melissa Sweet, Priscilla of Boston, and Monique Lhuillier. Heather encouraged everyone that was there with me to pull something they thought I would like; and while we were pulling dresses, we were served chilled Champagne and Mimosas. How much more fun and relaxing can you get?

With all the dresses pulled, it was time to try them on and decide. To my embarrassment and due to my cluelessness, I did not bring the right undergarments. Thankfully, and without judgment, Heather had corsets in all shapes and sizes. She even had shoes for me to wear while I was trying on dresses. Although all of this was a bit embarrassing for me, and I normally wouldn't share this with my friends, let along the blog reading world, I wanted people to know how accommodating, prepared, and fabulous BleuBelle is. I also wanted people to know that even though I was nervous and self-conscious, not once did Heather or any of her staff, make me feel that way. BleuBelle did everything within their power to make me feel special, relaxed, and comfortable; including, working on the price of the dress so I could afford my dream dress. To me, it didn't feel like it was about them making money, it was about loving their customers and wanting them to be happy. Sorry, I know I may have gotten off on a bit of a tangent, but now you can see why we never made it to the next appointment. You can also notice the kind of people MG Events associates themselves with!


I felt very fortunate Morgan had brought me to BleuBelle. As I tried on my very first dress and walked out to my family, Kacie, and Morgan, I knew this was going to be an experience I wasn't prepared for, but will always remember and cherish! Good thing Kacie came with a camera to document all of it, because I didn't! And I wouldn't have pictures of me in the dress I chose, if it weren't for her. Shhh, just don't tell my fiancé I have them!

 P2200228P2200221 With each dress I tried on, I received personal touches for every one. A ribbon here, a vintage fastener there, or even some feathers to add some modesty and class at the same time. Whether it was a long cascading veil, a birdcage veil, or any kind in between, each decision was made to match each dress and its own personality. Everyone there, from family to wedding planner, added ideas, opinions, and most of all support. Thanks to everyone, I felt more and more special with every dress I tried on. And when I found "the one," everyone knew and supported me. Within two minutes of having it on, Morgan had taken off her own accessories to put on me (which just happen to match perfectly), while Heather fixed my hair with the perfect veil. What an amazing team, and I walked away feeling like a princess, and I'll be honest, I did not think there would ever come a day when I would feel that way!

To top it all off, within the time it took me to remove my dress, Morgan and Kacie had pulled bridesmaid dresses to match, that perfectly fit the theme and style of the wedding. From there, by looking at all the colors of the dresses, it only took 5 more minutes to find my colors for the wedding. As we put my dress and the other dresses next to each other, Heather walked over with a bouquet that couldn't have been more ideal. I may have walked into the store clueless, but I walked out with more than just a dress. I left with bridesmaid dresses, wedding colors and accent colors, a theme, some great friends, and one amazing experience!

Enjoy every experience, especially this one!

A Fellow Bride,

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43 Things Tags: wedding dress,bleubelle bridal salon savannah,nicole miller,melissa sweet brides,vera wang,wedding dress shopping,wedding gowns,wedding gowns savannah,morgan gallo events,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner

Monday, March 15, 2010

How to feel long and lean at your wedding without a gym or trainer.

So, I don't know about you, but this winter has just been ick! And I hate going to the gym when it's cold...heck, I hate going to the gym when it's warm, but when it's raining/snowing/cold forget about it!!! I have found a new love... exercising at home!! And forget the weather, who really has the money for a trainer...that's money that could be going towards a fancier cake or a fancier dress!!!! So I am going to give you a few of my tips to feel wedding dress ready without leaving your house.

List of things you will need

1. Set of resistance bands

2. Set of 5-8 pound weights and a set of 10-15 pound weights

3. Yoga Mat

4. Balance Ball

5. Computer

6. Your choices of DVDs.

I truly believe that what is listed above is all you need for a mini at home gym! It's that easy!! Make sure that you can rearrange your space so that you can feel move around freely without running into furniture. Most of these exercises don't need much room, but still.

Legs: Now leg exercises are super easy to do at home and trust me they will hurt! My three go to moves:

image Sumo Squat holding Weight: Holding one heavy weight by the bell right in front of you, get into a grand pliet pointing toes pointed out. Simply squat down, butt going back and down, making sure your knees don't extend over your toes. Do 10-12 reps at least 3X's

Side Squat using Resistance Band: Slip resistance bands onto your ankles, begin with legs shoulder width apart. Step as widely as you can to the right, then return to center, then step as widely as you can to the left. That's one rep! Do 10-12 reps at least 3X's

image Ball Squat lifting Weights: So this sounds complicated, but I swear it's not. First position the balance ball in the small of your back against a blank wall. Place your feet, wide, about two feet in front of you. Hold the lighter weights at your side. To do the squat roll down as low as you can go and as you squat down lift your arms from your side to parallel to the ground and return to standing. That's one rep, just like the others do 10-12 reps at least 3X's

Arms: Who says you can't get beautiful toned arms at home! Here are my fave moves:

Body Crossover Bicep Curls: There are as easy as they ever were! Using whichever weights you are comfortable lifting. Holding weights down by your side palms facing outwards, in one very controlled motion, lift one at a time up and to the opposite shoulder. Then repeat with the other arm. That's one rep. Do 10 reps at least 3X's

image Tricep Kick Backs: Another simple classic move. Once again holding whichever weight is comfortable, down by your sides palms facing toward your body. Lean your body forward almost over your toes and slowly bring your arms back behind you as far as you can bring them, than slowly bring your arms up to your chest, never changing the position of your wrists. That's one rep. Do 10 reps at least 3X's

image Push-Ups: Yep, push ups. I know they suck, but man do they work!!!! And there are so many different variations to help you tone up all over, but today lets just work on the basic. Now, don't be upset if you can't do the real deal at first, I couldn't, but after as little as one week doing "girl" push ups I could do a handful of "real" push ups...after another week I had doubled my number... so on and so forth! So, Place your hands on the ground palms facing forward or holding on to weights if you have crappy wrists like me, with arms right under your shoulders, your feet can be together or shoulder width apart depending on what you like. Then go press down. Yay, a push up! Do as many as you can, rest and try again. The goal should be 10 reps at least 3x's...have I said that before? ;)

Abs: Another super easy muscle group to work at home. Here are my go to moves:


 Crunches on Ball: The added Resistance from the balance ball will work your muscles even harder. So lay on the ball with legs at a 90 degree angle. Place your hands on your head, but don't look fingers. Then it's just doing what you know, contract your ab muscles and lift up. I would aim to do 20 reps at least 3X's...and once that becomes easy try doing 30, then 40, then 50...the sky is the limit. And to make this harder lift up one leg with each's hard!!! Or Use a weight ball and take the ball from behind your head and bring it forward over your opposite leg that you are lifting to your chest. OUCHH

Oblique dead drop: Holding the heaviest weight you have in one hand down by your side. In a very slow and controlled motion let weight go slowly as close to the ground as you can get, then back up to standing. Do 30 reps on one side, then switch to the other for 30. Do this at least 3x's.

image Bicycle Crunch: So you have done this before, you lift your upper body in a crunch while you move your legs like you are riding a bicycle. My way is a bit more painful... You do this similar, just slower... So what you do is lift up and crunches/bicycle movements 10X's quickly, then hold one leg and the crunch position for 25 seconds...then switch to the other leg for 25 seconds. Then to the 10 quick movements, then hold on both legs for 25 seconds. Do this for as long as your body can handle...and when you think you can't take it one more time...

Okay, so those are a few of my favorite at home moves, but let me remind you to use the resources that you have, youtube is full of helpful tutorials to motivate you and teach you new moves. Also, invest in DVD' parents swear by P90X and trust me, my mom's abs are proof that it does. I am a currently obsessed with The Tracy Anderson Method. Anderson is the genius behind Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow's hot bodies!!! Her method uses very little outside materials. She basically believes that all weightlifting creates bulk(as questionable belief), so her method uses your own resistance and tooooons of repetition to make your body long and lean like dancers. Yes, you do have to dance around your house, but I put Rihanna and Britney on and dance myself skinny. It's more painful than any treadmill,trust me. I am obsessed, you can check her out at you can also try her method for free by checking out her website or for some sample exercises. Also, don't forget about fitness tv or fitness on demand, you may already have a ton of options right from your cable provider that you don't even know about.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and have a fabulously thin and buff wedding day.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

A future summer wedding in Savannah, GA: Meet Jason and Danielle


Jason Stubblefield and Danielle Johnson

Date Engaged:

18 December 2009

Where did you meet?

TGIF Fridays at the Mall

How did he propose?

He asked me at my apartment during the 2009 DC Blizzard

When is your wedding date?

14 August 2010

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

I fell in love with Savannah at a young age and wanted to get married there

Where do you reside now?

Washington, DC

Danielle and Jason, we are thrilled you allowed us to make this experience what it truly should be when planning your wedding and we will surpass your expectations! Here is to your day and your wedding!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Next February, we bring you an event like no other for couples planning their destination wedding in Savannah, GA.

 Print Engaged in Savannah

As a new approach to destination wedding planning, MG Events will host “Engaged in Savannah” on February 19-21, 2011. The weekend will be a luxurious and informative weekend of activities and wedding planning couples wont want to miss.

“Engaged in Savannah will give couples an opportunity to see the best of what Savannah has to offer, experience the southern charm and luxury that our company focuses on and benefit from a personal planning service to get them started in their planning process,” said Morgan, owner of MG Events.

Based on a detailed survey that attendees will fill out upon signing up for the event, the MG Events team will pick which tour they will participate in. Options might include museums, gardens, ballrooms and historic homes. Trolleys will shuttle couples around to some of Savannah’s finest venues where the best vendors will have the chance to showcase their services.

Each venue will display a mock set up of how the venue can be utilized. Music will play, food and champagne will be served, and photographers will be able to display their work and accompany the brides to document the day. At the final site, vendors will have a chance to answer questions, while couples enjoy lunch prepared by some of Savannah’s finest caterers.

Other events include a mock wedding and fashion show that will showcase how the best vendors in the area plan a wedding, a champagne meet, greet upon attendees arrival into town, and much more!

Destination couples have little time to spend in Savannah planning their wedding as it is. Attendees will walk away from this experience feeling fulfilled and assured that they have seen the best that Savannah has to offer all in one productive weekend.

“We will focus on attracting couples from a lot of the metropolitan areas like Charlotte, Atlanta, DC, New York City, Minneapolis and Columbus. Past weddings in the area show that this is where we see a lot of our destination couples travel from, to marry in our beautiful city,” said Morgan.

MG Events is a luxury wedding planning and design firm serving Savannah and the low country. Having been in business for over six years, MG Events prides itself on quality and experience.

“I wanted to put together a weekend event that would focus on benefiting both our destination couples tying to plan a wedding from out of town and of course our vendors.” said Morgan.

For more information about the weekend, please visit All wedding vendors are encouraged to apply to participate and sponsor. Space is limited. If you would like more information on “Engaged in Savannah” and how it might be the right event to showcase your services, please e-mail for more information. 


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The true meaning behind your wedding ceremony

Last week, my fiancé and I had the pleasure of attending marriage counseling. I was raised Methodist and my childhood pastor will be marrying us, so we met with him to talk about the ceremony order and the whole point to the wedding: marriage.


Sometimes you get so overwhelmed and sucked in to the wedding planning process that the entire reason to the wedding itself gets pushed into the back of your mind. It was nice to have a refresher saying, hey, this is the day you are getting married! The day you say your vows and will promise to spend the rest of your life with someone. The day you pledge your heart and soul to someone.

One of the questions my pastor asked us was "At what part of the ceremony are you officially married?"

My fiancé's answer: Before the ceremony.

My answer: When you say "I do." (which by the way, correct grammar is "I will")

We were both wrong! During a religious ceremony, such as ours, when we say "and thereto I pledge thee faith" we are married!

Knowing this will mean so much more during the ceremony. To be able to pick a part what we are going to actually say to each other means so much more than just repeating after the pastor.

Wedding Vows One of the things we talked about is how your spouse is the only other person you can be truly naked with, body and soul. He/She is someone you can tell anything and everything to and not be afraid to be judged.

Now, we decided to say the standard vows during our ceremony, because we don't feel comfortable saying certain things that should be shared just between us in front of so many people. He told us that him and his wife did the same thing, and separately, on their own, they shared their own written vows to each other. So we both decided that after the wedding, after all of the group pictures have been taken, we are going to share our own vows to each other. Something that will be kept just between us, but will mean so much to the two of us.

There are so many ways to incorporate special meanings into your ceremony.

Decide what is important and special to you and don't lose site of that.

Don't forget that the ceremony is the entire meaning of the day and the reception is a celebration of that.

Until we meet again,

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