Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration of the Week: Kate Bosworth.

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katebosworthinspiration.001 I’m a huge fan of Kate Bosworth. Say what you will about her slender frame, but I think she is stunning. She has a genius take on fashion and always manages to be modern and simple all at the same time. LOVE. When I saw this photo of Bosworth in a Jil Sander frock I was in bridal heaven. I freaking love the simplicity of the t-shirt like top and column skirt. I think this is a great look for a chill bride looking to be glamourous and comfortable. Check out J.Crew and the Vineyard Collection for awesome looks. J.Crew has brilliant skirts and be bold wear a t-shirt with them. I think that it is beyond chic. BEYOND. I wish I freaking thought of it for my wedding. Boo, too late. Perhaps the next one... What?! Never mind... The key to this look is the juxtaposition of relaxed glamour. Sophistication without trying... AT ALL. Make up and hair have to be beyond natural, no shellacked helmet head or tranny makeup. Just simple, natural, and easy.

Don’t be afraid to try Celeb style on your big day!!!!

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