Friday, December 17, 2010

Popping the Question-The “Dont's” of proposing- Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the “Do’s” to popping the big questions, but today are the “Don’ts”, which might be even more important in my mind! Read on and let me know if i have left anything important out!??!

Do it on Another Important Day

You know that kid in school that happens to share a birthday with Christmas? know where I am going with this…..Make your proposal unique in all aspects of the word, including the day you do it! Holidays and birthdays are off limits! They are separate special occasions and your proposal should be as well!

Over Do It

Don't lose site of what you are doing and the meaning behind it. Smoke and mirrors are still smoke and mirrors! Let it come from the heart and don’t do something that isn’t a reflecting of the two of you.

Do it in Public

I am sure you have been to a baseball game where during the 7th inning the words “Patty, will you marry me” run across the jumbotron…well, not only is it tacky what if she is in the bathroom when it flashes up on the screen? I mean come on…do you really want thousands of people watching you propose to the woman of your dreams? I know what you are saying…”but Morgan, we share a love of baseball, it would be perfect!” NOOO! If you love baseball (which I do-GO METS) then ask the stadium to do a private tour and on the field, get on your knee! This is supposed to be something intimate and private! Which brings me to……

In Front of Family

It is not a family affair! It is a private affair. The moments following a proposal are very private and intimate and do you really want family watching or sharing in your moment? If you want to involve your family, arrange to meet up with everyone afterwards! It presents a perfect time to share the news!

Hide it in Food

As much as you want to…refrain! What if you lose it? What if she chomps down on it? A broken tooth or missing ring doesn’t bode well for you or what you are trying to accomplish before the end of the night! Trust me here!

Jump the Gun

Courtship is an important part of a relationship. You want to be 100% sure that the answer is going to be “Yes” and you want to be sure that you are making the right decision as well. You two should know each other…and know that this is the step you want to take forward together. You don’t want to have to replay this moment again…with anyone else or her for that matter!

Drink too much

While you might need a drink to take the edge off..don't let it get out of hand. you need to be on your best behavior and full capacity when "asking her to marry you”. The memory of you slurring your words or passing out isn’t on her list of fond memories and you might get an answer you weren’t expecting!

With that said, take a breath (maybe a drink) and relax……GOOD LUCK and enjoy taking the plunge…it only gets better from here!

We cannot wait to hear your story!

The MGE Team