Friday, January 14, 2011

Find of the Week. Dr. Zweig Glycolic Treatment Pads

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beautifulskin So, I am a product whore. It’s the truth. No polite way to say it. I also suffer from crazy adult acne. Sooooo annoying. I’ve finally got it mostly under control due to an insanely structured skin care regime, but a dear friend and fellow product hoochy told me about these brilliant Glycolic 20% Treatment pads. You swipe them over clean skin and they gently exfoliate and remove any excess oil on your skin. It’s great for acne prone skin. Also, great for prepping your skin for anti-aging products. Best of all, they are only 24 dollars for 60 pads!!!! Ah-mazing.

Simply go to their website,, and call or email to place your order. Fabulous skin awaits!!!

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