Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to have rad non-floral wedding center pieces!!!

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Flowers a beautiful, there is no denying that. They smell great and look amazing, but dude, they are freaking expensive!?!? I mean, come on!? So, I did a wee bit a research to find some genius centerpieces that don’t need flowers at all. Most of them are as simple as hitting up the produce department, a craft store, or your own backyard. Seriously.  Here are my 3 favorite non-floral arrangements.

 non-floral.002Sticks: I love sticks in centerpieces. Is that weird?! I think that they look elegant and playful. I love them natural in all different shapes, just sitting in interesting vases. I love the smaller sticks placed in glass coke bottles or mason jars. For a touch of whimsy you can glue paper flowers on them. I also like the idea of painting them. Metallics always work, but high gloss black or white can be ah-mazing. I love seeing this.

non-floral.001Candles: When it comes to candles the more the merrier. I mean like tons and tons. Luckily, you can buy white, plain candles for dirt cheap and they look brilliant!!! You want pillars, tall pillars, tea lights, votives, etc. There are a few ways to do it. You can arrange a variety of sizes on mirrors, the light reflects and looks brilliant. Most banquet halls have mirrors that you can use for FREE with your purchase. I also love doing the same thing with candles in various size glass hurricanes, which you can also find super cheap at craft stores. It’s also possible to rent beautiful candelabras from florists or rental stores much cheaper than what you would pay for grand floral arrangements. I love the black ones pictured, great for a gothic or romantic wedding. You can also by large vases and feel them with shells, river rocks, marbles and top them with water and place a floating candle atop... Instant genius.

non-floral.003Fruit: This is one of the greatest ideas ever. It looks insanely expensive and it’s citrus fruit and a vase. There are a few ways to do it. I love the talk cylindrical vases that are stacked with limes, lemons, and/or tangerines. I also, love having them separated by color into to varying glass vases with lids. It also looks ah-mazing to have cut fruit pushed against the glass.

Using non-floral centerpieces is interesting and fun. I think that it really sets one apart from all the typical wedding hoopla. I love the idea of being creative and really making something special.

Tell me, would you ever consider a Non-Floral centerpiece? or is that just crazy talk!? What are some of your favorites? Please, do tell.

Until we meet again stay bridal, and don’t be a lemming try something other than flowers to doll up your reception.


Tune in next week for Morgan’s favorite non-floral ideas!

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