Thursday, December 30, 2010

Find of the Week: Jewelmint

Jewelmint   So, I am OBSESSED with this site. The ah-mazing Kate Bosworth and her long time stylist Cher Coulter have created this genius site where you can buy the most stunning jewelry all for 30 bucks!!! That’s right, every single piece is 30 dollars. Basically, you sign up and take a style quiz and every month you get an email that is catered to your style for you to choose from. And yes, every piece is 30 dollars. So, while it’s a monthly club, you are not obligated to purchase a piece every month if you aren’t loving your selection. There is always free shipping and easy exchanges. LOVE. join-jewelmint-kate-bosworth-cher-coulters-jewelry-club

I am just floored by the prices. The jewelry is GORGEOUS. I ordered a pair of earrings for my best friend and I was a little worried about the quality, but OMG they were beautiful. The packaging is just genius. I am really a huge fan. I think that with the help of this site I will slowly grow my jewelry collection. So brides, be on the look out for wedding day jewels and at these low prices, don’t forget to look for bridesmaids gifts.




Diana said...

ADORE. Thanks for supplying a new addiction.

Starla Francis said... it...thanks for sharing!