Friday, March 5, 2010

How to make everyone’s tummies happy on your wedding day.

So no matter how amazing you look, no matter how much booze you have flowing, if you have nasty food folks are going to remember! I can’t imagine food being low on your priority list, but if it is...well...DON’T, please. You don’t want to be the wedding that would have been great if the food wasn’t so average. Or how many times have you used the term “typical wedding food” and meant it in a good way? Uh, probably never. So I am just going to give you a few of my unprofessional, yet genius tips to make sure that your food is a hit!

food.001 1. Don’t deny where you come from: So, this is pretty self explanatory, pay homage to your cultural food whenever possible! I love it when the whole meal is themed to your heritage, but you don’t even have to go that far! We brought in a bunch of lumpia, a Filipino egg-roll which the hotel fried for us and my father-in-law found a place near Savannah that made lechon, a whole roast pig...yes, you read that right...a WHOLE pig. It was delicious! We did heavy hors d'oeuvres, so I got to flaunt my Italian heritage with a delicious antipasti platter, yummy bruschetta, and a pasta bar. Now, as I mentioned we brought the egg-rolls and pig, I know some venues are sketchy about bringing in outside food, but we found that if you claim it for cultural reasons and you spend enough money you can get whatever you want! Now for cultures who dig the spice, I would say go for it, but also have options that are less painful which you should denote with cute little spice level place cards. That way people know what they are eating and know how much water to get!!!

2. Variety is the spice of life: Sit down dinners are great, don’t get me wrong, but I love having options. Plus, it is generally a lot less expensive and much more social to have a buffet style feels more like a party. I like the idea of stations, so that you don’t have 100 plus people running for one table. You’ve heard them all, but just a few...pasta, mashed potato, sushi, omelet, carving, risotto, salad, raw bar, udon noodle...just to name a few. Be creative with serving options, martini glasses, long rectangular plates...The possibilities are endless! Ohmylord, are you hungry yet!?

food.002 3. If you won’t eat it, Don’t serve it: Now this has two meanings. First, if you go in for a tasting and don’t like something, speak up!!! Second, have your wedding planner there, so if you aren't one to speak up, they will. Don’t serve any food that you are only okay with. Be vocal about making possible changes...our bruschetta was soggy and as a good Italian girl I couldn’t have that, so we made sure that the bread was toasted much longer and it was delish!!! Now, the second part is where all the fights pop up. If you don’t eat meat...don’t serve meat. I have recently gone through the transition of eating animal free and while I’m not super strict, okay well I am, I don’t think it’s fair that you should have to serve something that you are personally against, for whatever reason. I have been reading up and people really have issues like this! But, I will say if you aren’t going to have any meat for the carnivores than you better have an amazing vegan chef. See Portia and Ellen’s wedding. This doesn’t just apply to meat, if you don’t like a certain vegetable or whatever, don’t have it just for everyone else. Make sure that you are making a menu that makes you really happy, while also being delicious for your guests. You can serve interesting food that pleases you without scaring your guests. So that’s my soapbox...

4. Comfort food doesn’t have to mean simple or cheap: Get with the program! Hamburgers and fries are totally appropriate for a wedding!!! Here’s how you get away with comfort foods, make them small and have fun serving ideas!!! If it’s mini, it’s chic! So I love the idea of grilled cheese sandwiches on saucers with a shot of tomato soup in the mug!!! Mini-Pot Pies are a great and filling choices that would be perfect served in a mini-ramekin. Fry up Mac and Cheese balls and serve them in little paper cups lined with cutesy rice paper, it looks pretty and sops up some of the grease! So just be creative when you are looking to serve comfort foods and trust me, none of your guests will be saying that you served “typical wedding food”!!

So I hope this helps in any small way, maybe it just sparks your imagination or keeps you from serving food that you wouldn’t eat yourself! Happy eating!!!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t forget to eat at your wedding...a passed out bride is never cute...

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Christy Hulsey said...

I love this post! We served mini BBQ cups at our outdoor wedding. The cups were clear and the BBQ was stacked with coleslaw, beans, and meat. It was perfect for the fall evening. I like this post! -- Christy