Friday, February 11, 2011

Find of the Week: Exciting New Wedding Shops!

shopbop Landing_wedding_v1_m56577569832169478 012611_bhldn_04 Ohmylordy, so excited, both Shopbop and Anthropologie both have announced that they are opening wedding shops!!!! How freaking exciting is that!?!?!? I was so pumped that I just had to share. Shopbop’s site will be perfect the funky, designer savvy bride. You can sign up to be the first to know at their site. And Anthropologie’s new line of dresses, BHLDN, will be perfect for the funky, artistic and not on a budget hipster. They debut February 14, Valentine’s Day... how sweet!?  It’s just so exciting to me that ah-mazing wedding gowns are available to anybody. I can’t guarantee that any of us will be able to afford them, but they will be so much fun to look at. Great for getting ideas.