Friday, February 25, 2011

How to rock a Wedding Gown that’s any color, but white...

   I am a big fan of going against the grain, my husband calls it an “authority problem,” I say pish posh. I hate when someone tries to stifle creativity with rules. It actually makes me angry, maybe the hubs is on to something with this authority problem... I just think, why white for a wedding?! I know it’s supposed to stand for purity and whatnot, but come on your wedding day is exactly that, YOUR day. You should be wearing what you want on your day. And if your idea of beauty is peach, pink, blue, or heck even a subtle pattern. I’m focusing on paler shades because I think they look romantic and I’m a hopeless romantic, but honey if you wanna rock red or black, do it!!!! In Chinese culture white is a common funeral color and red is the the color of choice for your wedding dress, it stands for luck and happiness. So just be happy and be comfortable.

coloredgowns.001Pinks. Left to right: Vera Wang, Reem Acra, White by Vera Wang


Patterns. Left to right: Carolina Herrera, BHLDN, BHLDN

coloredgowns.003Blues. Left to right: Demetrios, Vera Wang, St. Pucchi

The Don’ts of Wearing Color:

Don’t wear the stark white gowns with the band of bright red or black. It’s not fashionable. AT ALL.

Don’t wear a color that washes you out. Shocking as it may seem white looks great on everyone. It really does, but colors can wash you out if you choose the wrong tone. So you definitely need to see the color on you. Peachy Pinks look great on olive or medium toned skin with while icy blues look great on someone with rosy undertones.

Don’t wear color just to shock people. Do it because you truly love it.

Don’t just pick any colored gown. It still needs to feel special... That might not seem important, but when you put on your wedding dress it comes with this feeling of sheer joy. Make sure that whatever pick gives you that feeling.

Don’t wear an overpowering pattern. Keep it subtle and keep it classy.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and stay fabulously chic... in color...