Friday, January 7, 2011

How to dress Ballerina Chic for your wedding.

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So, today I decided to go see Black Swan ‘cause nothing says happy holidays like a demented ballerina movie... But oh-my-goodness, the clothes that were brilliantly designed by the Mulleavy sister(the masterminds behind Rodarte) and costume designer Amy Westcott blew my mind. And it got me thinking about rocking a ballerina like style on your wedding day. Why not!? I mean think about what a ballerina stands for... beautiful, sophisticated, graceful, and elegant. Um, yes please!!! So here are a few tips on how to infuse your big day with a bit of ballet.

ballerina.001Dress. When it comes to a ballet inspired gowns it’s all about the flow and fabric. Chiffon everywhere! But honestly, any soft romantic fabric will do. Embellishments like feathers and sequins are totally encouraged. For this trend I like a tight fitted bodice and a billowy skirt. It’s so romantic and very figure friendly.

ballerina.002Hair. Okay, so no super tight formal ballerina buns here, just loose and sassy. Structure with a little oomph. Just remember, never too tight or too high... and please don’t add extra hair to your bun, you’ll look like the Chiquita banana lady. No bueno. Just think elegant.
ballerina.003Makeup. Now, my image of a ballerina is totally idealized, so I see tons of pinks and beiges. Keep the makeup very simple and fresh, but use a great pink blush. My two favorites are Nars Orgasm and Bobbi Brown Pale Pink. And don’t forget to finish with TONS of black, glossy mascara. The lips can be as basic as a clear or baby pink gloss. Those rosy cheeks are the focus.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and please dear Lord don’t get your inspiration from the Black Swan... unless the theme of your wedding is crazy...


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  1. It is all about the ballerina theme this year isn't it, there are some great outfits about.