Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Kacie-A Savannah Coordinator with MG Events


Hi! My name is Kacie Whigham and I'm a born and raised southern belle with a sweet spot for the city.

I'm a senior public relations major and business minor at Georgia Southern University. You may have seen me a couple posts before, because yes I'm engaged! My fiancĂ© is a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and was recently stationed at Fort Stewart. So, once I graduate this May (yes I'm counting down the days!), I'm looking forward to the house search in the Savannah area. When I was young, I lived right outside of Charleston, SC and later moved to Johns Creek, GA, where I spent my teen years growing up. Being the stubborn person I am, I spent my first semester in College at the College of Charleston, (because I didn't look anywhere else).  I ended up transferring out of Charleston and into Georgia Southern and loved it! Don't get me wrong, I loved Charleston, but Savannah is where I'm meant to be!

0057My mom will  tell you I first started event planning when I was a little girl and I always wanted to throw a party EVERY holiday. But once I found out the job actually existed my freshmen year in college, there was no stopping me. Family means everything to me, I am very close to mine. My parents live right outside of Athens, GA and visit often. I have two older brothers, one is a director in New York(who is also engaged!) and the other lives in Suwanee, GA.  I love visiting my brother in NY every chance I get. Remember, sweet spot for the city. And yes, I am the baby and the only girl.. I'll let you draw the conclusions. I am also a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi at GA Southern, where I have met 3 of my bridesmaids and been given so many opportunities to plan events.

In my spare time I love reading, although I hardly get to in my busy schedule. But that's who I am, I thrive on staying busy and organized. I've pretty much confirmed that I am a shopaholic and I have an obsession with purses. Chocolate and flowers make me smile and I love a warm sunny day when I can just sit on a park bench in Savannah and people watch. I LOVE honey and I have a phobia of Ketchup. Yes you heard me correctly. If you even put Ketchup in front of me, I'll probably move it (or get someone to move it), because I can't even stand the smell. Everything you put ketchup on... I put Honey on... Chicken nuggets, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. My mom thinks it's because she fed it to me as a baby. I'm a REALLY picky eater, so If I go on a tasting with you, I probably won't eat half the stuff, but that's okay, I know what other people like. My guilty pleasure is pizza with chocolate milk... by now your probably thinking okay this girl is weird!  But it's one of those salty/sweet things! I have to have my coffee in the morning, even when the doctor tells me its bad for me. I'm sure I have a thousand other quirks, but that would take all day.

I am looking forward to graduating in May! And I am excited to begin my career as an event planner and my life as a proud army wife.

To see inside of my daily life, follow me on twitter {MGEventsKacie}.


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