Monday, March 1, 2010

From start to finish-planning with MG Events-A bride’s perspective

We decided to highlight something new on the blog four our readers. If you have ever wondered about the wedding planning process and how a wedding planner would help you plan your wedding, then this is the perfect weekly read for you! We picked a bride that hired us to help her with her destination wedding planning and asked her to write about her experiences planning with us. Here is her first blog about Step 1-venue searching!

 image Hi everyone! My name is Mandy, and I am one of MG Events newest clients. I guess you could also call me the clueless, atypical bride! I never planned ahead for a future wedding or even though about what mine would be like. So, when the day came when I got engaged and needed to start planning a wedding, you could imagine the panic that set in! I had no clue where to start or what needed to be done. I called MG Events, and instantly they began guiding me through the "wedding planning process."

Living in Gainesville, FL and wanting to get married in Savannah, GA made the decisions even more difficult and complicated. Although I had been there several times, I was oblivious as to what Savannah had to offer for a wedding. I just knew I loved the old fashioned charm and history! Morgan and her team were amazing! The day after we spoke, she sent me links and pictures from different wedding venues, with complete explanations and breakdowns of costs. With their help, we narrowed down the venues and set up a date to come to Savannah. Holly, one of Morgan’s coordinators, even found us an incredible downtown hotel, and took care of our reservations! Even though nothing had been concretely set for the wedding, I was already feeling a huge relief. Plans had been set in motion!

To make life a little more interesting, my fiancé and I decide to buy our first house at the same time as planning the wedding. I mean, why seemed as good as time as any. I figured out quite quickly to never buy your first home in a time crunch and plan a wedding in 6 months by yourself. Phew, good think I had the latter one covered! Thankfully, because of MG Events, I didn't have to worry about wedding details and it allowed me to focus on other things that were competing for my attention. Let me tell you just how they did this!

Even before we arrived in Savannah, Morgan had an itinerary for us based on the in depth questions and conversations we had on what we thought we wanted for our wedding venues.  She mapped out the day and ensured we got as much accomplished as we could without wearing us out. We met her, and another one of her coordinators, Kacie, at the first venue. Morgan was always professional, knowledgeable, understanding, and patient. She had a great relationship with every person in charge of the venue site and offered another perspective for each place we visited. She was honest; listing the pros and cons, letting us know the full potential of the space, by providing us with endless ideas for what each venue could offer us, and most importantly, they asked the vendors questions when we didn't know to ask or look for. There were so many details to inquire about, and Morgan and Kacie always knew when to interject further and give us as much information as possible to make our choice just a little bit easier. Harper FowlkesWho knew to ask about wedding insurance, bar and liquor minimums, tenting and setting up restrictions, parking, and transitioning capabilities???  We didn't, but they sure did, and they made sure questions we didn't come with, were even answered. Morgan even played  a little devil's advocate, when my fiancé and I were having a hard time coming together to decide on a venue. After all, we are the epitome of opposites attract! When my fiancé was still unsure, Morgan spontaneously took us to look at other venues that she thought might meet our needs. Instead, the more she showed us, the more we knew what we wanted. Morgan later told me, "sometimes people have to figure out what they don't like, to open their eyes to what they do want," and she was right! We found the perfect place for us, we just needed someone to show us how to pair together The Harper Fowlkes House with a little bit of our own wedding personality!

Nobel Fare surprise And as an added bonus, when they say that they add personal touches and luxury throughout the process, they aren't lying. As we sat down for a romantic dinner at Noble Fare, recommended by Morgan, when they made reservations for us, they also surprised us with a mini cake topper for our dessert! Talk about personal touches!  What a great end to a perfect starting point in our wedding planning process with the MG Events team!

My next blog will talk about my dress shopping experience with Kacie and Morgan.  I cannot wait for the remainder of this process with them!

A fellow bride,

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